Indo-Nepal border blockage

The demonstrations in the south part of Nepal have now increased to block the borders to India and it's a disaster for the whole country.
It's petrol shortage so vehicles are only allowed to drive every other day depending on the number on the license plate. If you have an even number you are only allowed to drive on even dates.
The cooking gas is also finished in Kathmandu. Maya came to our house today and she was desperate since she can't cook food for her family.
Of course we gave her money so she could buy an electric cooking plate, but there are power cuts several hours a day, so it's not the best solution even though it's the only solution at this time.
About 5000 vehicles were stopped at the customs yesterday and the queue was 30 km long. You can read more about it here.
A committee has been put together and people are waiting for the Indian prime minister Modi to come back from his visit in USA to solve the situation.

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