Mom Sweetie in New York

Mom Sweetie is one of the first persons here in Nepal, who took us to her heart and gave us a Nepalese family.
Throughout the four years we have known her, her children, grand children, sisters and brothers, we have always been included in their celebrations.
Mom Sweetie is a true village gal. When we first met her she had never seen a tea bag or went in an elevator.
The first time we took her down an escalator we were three people pushing her because she had no idea how to do it.
One day I will write a book about Mom Sweetie in New York. If you have watched Crocodile Dundee it's nothing compared to what I believe she will come up with if she is left by herself in the big city. She is like a mischievous Pippi Longstocking.
Mom Sweeties oldest son Bikram and his family are living in New York and they haven't been to Nepal in 4 years, so when Bikram got citizenship in US she decided to go there.
For the last months she's been applying for visa and finally she got it. (The US embassy is always rejecting the visa applications a few times. I believe it's to earn money, since the applicants show the same papers over and over again.)
Tuesday she finally went and it was so sad to see her leave because she will be away for 2 years or so.
I was also very worried that she would end up in Australia or somewhere else, but the family was considerate and booked a wheel chair for her transit, even though she is fully capable of walking on her own, so someone could at least wheel her to the right gate at the huge airport in Dubai.
Mom Sweetie reunited with her son Bikram and his family in the Big Apple.

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