A couple of weeks ago when Leya had winter holidays we went to Pokhara for a few days. Leya's best friend Eva was also with us. The trip is quite long and take about 6-7 hours up and down the mountains in a "micro", but when you get there it`s worth it.

We arrived about 6 o'clock in the evening and went to the hotel Be Happy, where we have stayed many times before. It is at the lakeside of Pokhara. The name of the lake is Phewa lake. We had dinner at the hotel and everyone was so tired after the trip so we went early to bed.
The days in Pokhara we spent strolling along the boardwalk, eating, had some drinks, shopping and just relaxing and one day we also went for bowling. In the evenings we went to different restaurants for a good dinner. Leya and Eva also played with their friend Niki who lives in Pokhara.

One day we saw the cow with 3 legs, the same cow we saw for more than 3 years ago. It is amazing that she can survive. It must be very tough for her.
We also met the two Tibetan ladies whom we always meet when we are in Pokhara. We buy many jewelries from them but they also insist to give us many presents. They are so sweet!!
The weather in Pokhara was very nice and warm in the sun but very cold otherwise, especially in the mornings and evenings.

After 5 days we returned to Kathmandu after some lovely days in Pokhara.



Road work

For the last month they've been digging up the roads all over town and the road near our house has been dug up and filled again at least five times.
It is a mystery what they are doing really and why they don't coordinate between different departments.
To get out from our small one way street we have to climb these high soil-sand walls.
I like the lady sitting on a chair on the top. That shows humor!
I'm sure these guys know what they are doing, even though the spectators have opinions about how to do things the right way.