Here in Nepal it is a custom to celibrate when the son in the family reach the age of a teenager. It is called bartabanda.

Yesterday we were invited to such a party. It was Nicholas and Ani´s lawer´s son who became a teenager.
The party was held at a Party Palace named Sasa Banquet, a very big and beautiful place.
All friends and reletives of the family has to be invited. You also have to give the son gifts, mostly money. A lot of people had come to celibrate the boy. I think it must have been almost 1000 people.
The party starts with "snacks" as they call it. Chicken, fish, potatoes, mushrooms and vegetables, all fried. They also had a barbeque with chicken and lamb. A whole lamb was hanging above and they cut bits of it to barbeque.
The drinks was beer, wine, whiskey, coke and lemonade. You could eat and drink as much as you want and after all that the dinner was served.
It was a buffê of Dal Bath (National dish of Nepal) chicken, sallad, vegetables and rice. To drink it was just water. For dessert ice creame.
It was the first time I went to this kind of party and it was a nice experience.



The last week we've had a visit from our customer Allister from USA.
His companies sell very edgy clothes as you can see here and here.
Here he is discussing details with one of our suppliers on samples we are making for him.