Spring is here

Finally the winter has decided to loose it grip over Kathmandu.
A few degrees warmer and it makes a big difference. Yesterday was the official spring day since we had the windows open even after the sun had gone down and we didn't even feel it.
Britt-Marie is helping me stitch on beads on recycled silk wrap bracelets and Angel is relaxing.
This is one of my favorites.


Sewer bath

Yesterday Leya came home crying and screaming. We thought she had hurt herself really bad, but the problem was something completely different.
She was dirty and smelling like ... (fill in the blank) from falling in to a sewer ditch somewhere.
For obvious reasons I didn't even think about taking a photo. I just threw her in the shower and thank god there was some lukewarm mater.
We truly, truly appreciate the guys cleaning the sewers! They should have their own public holiday.



This week has been full of festivals.
Tuesday it was Shivaratri, a day that Hindus who worship Shiva celebrate him by visiting Pashupatinath and smoke ganja.
Read more about Shivaratri here.
Today it's the main day of Lhosar, the Tibetan Buddhist new year, read more about it here.
Here you can see the Lhosar celebrations at Boudhanath.
Today it's also the Chinese new year and that means Kathmandu will be invaded by Chinese people spending their holiday here.
We wish you all a happy goat year!



Since we have to leave the house to work a few days a week we have hired Maya.
Maya is selling pouches in the street in the tourist area and I've known here since we moved here.
I use to give her some money, but she always asks me to help her find a job and finally we could give her one.
She is really hard working taking care of Britt-Marie, doing the dishes and laundry.
Maya is the sole provider for her two daughters, a younger sister and a brother. They live in a small room that also is used as a kitchen.
She is struggling every day to pay for school fees, rent, food and everything else that we take for granted.
I'm really impressed with Maya since she has learnt really good English just walking the streets the last 14 years trying to get a rupee here and there.
Maya is 33 and her mother is 45. You do the maths! Maya's mom got married when she was 9 years old with a 29 year old man and Maya was born when she was only 12. It's as if we would get Leya married this year.So incredible horrible for a little girl!
The sad thing is that I think it still happens in remote villages.
Maya is determent to give her daughters and siblings a good education and if you want to sponsor her we'd be glad to make sure the money ends up in the right place.

Valentine's day

In our family we celebrate Valentine's day all together, eating a nice meal, saying nice things to each other.
It was the first time Britt-Marie was out in her wheelchair.
Leya's friend Unisha came with us. At Valentine's day everyone is welcome!


Broken hip

The last two weeks have been, say the least, chaotic.
Britt-Marie, my mother-in-law, tripped and fell on the concrete outside our house and broke her hip.
Luckily she has a great insurance so she could get the best care available in Nepal.
A week ago she had the surgery and it showed that her bones are very fragile, but the orthopaedic surgeon is one of the best in Nepal, so he managed to screw them back together.
A few days ago she came home, but she is not allowed to put pressure on the leg for at least six weeks, so we are taking care of her. Which we gladly do since she is happy patient, determent to get back on her feet.
Here she is right after the operation with the surgeon Deepak Mahara.