We are not happy about the school!
Yesterday they sent home our 5 year old girls three hours before we were supposed to pick them up.
The school never called us and there were no adults home.


Mom Sweetie making dog leash

My Nepalese mom Sweetie is helping me to make a vintage sari dog leash, or kokur belt, (kokur means dog in Nepalese), like she says.
It's actually her own old sari.


Sleep over

Eva is sleeping over for the first time.
They are so cute! Just like sister.

Well needed haircut

My darling has cut his hair and beard. Looking good!


Tibetan singing bowls

We've found a supplier that sells vintage singing bowls that have been used for cooking by families living in remote mountain villages.
Singing bowls are changed for thin pots with handles and soon these rare beautiful, handmade singing bowls, full of old energies, will be a hard to find.
The shop owner put a big bowl in my lap and the vibrations massaged my muscles. We sell these if you are interested. They are sold by weight.



Taking the micro bus can sometimes be difficult for a Swede with very long legs.
Nicholas is not to happy about having one man in his lap and a behind in his face.


Leya spoke Nepali in her sleep.
That means Nepali is a big part of her life.



The street puppy Nani is visiting us more and more often.
Right now it's raining and Nani and Angel are sleeping in our bed.


Leya and her boyfriend Karma Sherpa.

Sleep talking

Last night Leya was talking in her sleep.
Guess in which language?
Swedish, English, Nepalese, Nepinglish, Hindi or Hinglish?


Shrawan month

This Monday started the festival of the Shrawan month.
See more photos here.



The rain is here and it's great!
But playing football is not great during the rain.
Not trying to dry clothes either.
But it's OK to ride a motorbike with an umbrella, as long as you're not driving.


Monster basil plant

Today mom Sweetie showed us a basil plant she's been growing on the upper terrace.
It's huge! Compare with the small match box on the table.



We have grown big and tasty basil plants from seeds sent to us by my mother-in-law.
Now we have to sell them to restaurants so we can grow new.
The weather conditions here are perfect for herb plants.


Today it was exactly one year ago since mom Sweetie's husband suddenly died.
This morning they had a religious ceremony, or pooja, and there has been a lot of people coming and going all day.
The adult sons, in this case Dipendra, shaved his head yesterday as a part of the ritual.
He kept a small tail, just like the Hindu priests.

First Aid Kit

Two young, Swedish sisters. Amazing music!


I've made a barely noticeable change of my name.
Yesterday I was told that Ani means nun in Tibetan at that feels perfect in my heart.
I've searched for a meaning to my nick name, a name I wasn't completely content with.
The A in Ani pronounces like the A in Ayurveda.


Suzani cushions

Suzani cushions are hand made and each one is unique and a master piece.
Read more about the Suzani technique here.
Click here for more photos.


The other day Leya was cutting a mango and it went pitch black.
She cut her self on the sharp knife and the blood started pouring.
I didn't think it was going to stop bleeding and Leya was crying, crying.
Finally the bleeding slowed down and we went to the local pharmacy doctor down the street from our home.
Lucky he was open! He was about to close when we came rushing for some cleaning and band aid.
Leya was really lucky that she didn't cut off her finger.

Now it looks fine and we have all learned a lesson from this experience.



My hair is growing, but very selective.
No, being bald is a big part of my personality today, so I'll ask Nicholas to shave it off.


Fun park

Today we went to Fun park with Leya and Eva.
Click here for more pictures..


Exhausted guest

This exhausted guest landed on our terrace this morning.
He rested for a while and went on his journey.


Life and death

The other day a terrible accident happened at a work site owned by a friend to my parents.
A worker was up in a lift and got stuck.
When his friends managed to get him down he was blue and dead.
Just weeks before they had passed a course in CPR, so they actually saved his life.
A true miracle and a blessing from God!
Read more about CPR here. .


Leya and Eva


The monsun hasn't started properly yet.
We really need more rain, so maybe we should arrange a frog wedding to please the rain Gods.