Commonwealth games

On sunday begins the Commonwealh games here in Delhi.
It's like OS for the old British empire colonies.
Watch the website for more information here.


Leya's drawings

Leya and Nicholas hung Leya's drawings in her room.


Baby boy

Yesterday our landlord's son got a baby boy. They will return home in a few days. Congrats!


Today we bought a fridge for the flat.
I will never take a fridge for granted ever again.

Beautiful sari

Everytime I see a beautiful sari like this on the street, I feel like I'm living in a dream.

Fabric market

Leya and I went to the market and bought swatches to make different nail mat products from.
Always a pleasure to see all the colours and patterns.


Wania, Leya's new friend

Leya has already a new friend, 6-year old Wania.
She is the grand daughter of our land lord and lives in the same house, so it's easy for them to play.

The toilet

We have rented a 2BR flat and we were a bit worried about the toilet style, but it was western.
Thanks heaven!

Back in Delhi

We landed in Delhi at a new part of the airport and they had these beautiful mudras, hand positions, on the wall. We ate a breakfast at the airport before we took a taxi to our flat in Pahar Ganj, a neighbourhood in the central of Delhi.


Babushka dolls

Russian Babushka dolls are so cute!


Five hours waiting in Moscow. Nicholas had a well earned beer.

Bye, bye Sweden!

My mother-in-law drove us to Arlanda airport in Stockholm.
Looking forward to go back to Delhi and meet all the people we got to know last spring.
Hopefully we will go back to Sweden for christmas.



Tomorrow we are leaving for Delhi.
This evening we ate a fantastic dinner at my mother-in-law's home in Stockholm.
Met Nicholas' brother and his family too.


Micki and Wednesday are pretend fighting


Yesterday I moved my fathers cows to another field with more grass. My parents are in Scotland and Nicholas has a serious cow fright, so I was on my own.
A few calfs were left behind, so I had to chase them for almost three hours before a cow came back and herded them to the new field. Amazing to see!

Leya, our model

Leya loves to pose in front of the camera.


Leya has two duck friends.


Hassan and Marcus trailer

The most fantastic egyptian film ever! Laugh, cry and love!

Egyptian filmfestival

Alex and Rafael made us feel very welcome to their Egyptian filmfestival in Stockholm.
Yanaiki, Prana's global agent, came for some egyptian food and a chatt.


Toothbrush and mascara

Yesterday Leya got her first electric toothbrush and she laughed like crazy brushing her teeth all night.
Today Leya found an old mascara and painted this "Sad-dog-look".


Straw bale swimming

Leya and I have a new hobby swimming on the farmers straw bales.



Maybe the last icecream for the season in the harbour in Askersund.