Prana website

Now the swedish Prana website is ready to see. Hopefully Nicholas will make the english website next week. Visit the site anyway and see the photos, (Bilder in the menu), from our trip in India.
Address: www.pranaspikmatta.se



This morning at 6 am we went to Varberg, in the south west of Sweden, for a town market. It was a fantastic morning driving through a beautiful countryside.


Queen of Edo

Greta is the woman who gave me the inspiration to the name of our outdoor collection Queen of Edo. She and her late husband Sven used to take care of me and my sister when our parents worked at the farm.
Greta is a fantastic woman who has learnt me a lot about life. She never worries and she has a very positive attitude to life. I believe that's why she is a healthy and happy 87 year old.


Nice outdoor cushions

Reveived this lovely photo from one of our retailers in the south of Sweden.
The photo shows an outdoor sofa with waterproof cushions and stylish cushion covers made of fabric with the handprint Kalamkari.


A Royal horse

My parents have bought a quarter horse from Denmark once owned by the danish Princess Alexandra. His name is Royal of course.


Fantastic weather!

Today we had great weather here in Askersund. The kids loved swiming in the lake.


Prana, our designed acupressure mat

In India we met up with a company that is going to make our own designed acupressure mat. Same fantastic function, but more practical with handles and a magnetic button so the mat is easy to close when not using. And more appealing with luxury fabric in beautiful colors like amber glow, plum, violet, midnight blue and evergreen.
We are looking for agents and retailers all over the world.
The mat with handles and magnetic button.
The mat ready for the wardrobe or travel.Square nails, about 6500 in total, made of durable plastic.Prana amber glowPrana plumPrana violetPrana midnight bluePrana evergreen

Home sweet home!

Friday morning we landed at the airport in Stockholm. It's nice to be back, but I miss India already. I'd like to stay there for a bit longer next time.



We are having a fantastic trip here in India. Exploring all good shopping.
Cheap shopping for brand garments

Old sarees Bindhis in a warehouse
New glasses