Cute shock!

In Sweden tabloids love to use the term cute shock and here is a perfect example of a street dog and her two puppies.


Swedish ginger cookies

Yesterday it was the Swedish festival Lucia and Nicholas' 42:nd birthday.
Leya and Nicholas made Swedish ginger coookies, a cookie we eat the whole December and only then.
You can watch Leya in action here.
Before the oven...
They also made this cute gingerbread house.
I think it looks like the police station shed in Meiphi, where we lived before.
Lizzie stole the whole house and brought it to our bed and miraculously it didn't break. Maybe because they built it with real super glue. I promise no one will eat it.


Christmas market

There are a few Christmas markets in Kathmandu during December and I can really recommend the one at Hyatt.
It was big, outdoors in the garden and there were many new things we haven't seen before.
We bought these decorations in mixed colors and sizes for our Christmas tree. They are made by burn victims and a part of the money supports a hospital for burn victims.
They had made really cute gingerbread houses.
We took a break, had something to eat and just enjoyed the atmosphere.
When we came home we decorated our Christmas tree, something Leya has been longing for.



In Sweden you throw away broken electronics, unless you have a handyman in your family, and I think it's a shame. But it's what makes the world go around these days. Shopping, I mean.
Here it's easy to leave the things at a repair shop and so we did with our halogen heater and the stereo.
To buy a new heater we'd have to pay 15 USD (110 kr) and a new stereo is about 30 USD (220 kr). The repair charge was 7 USD (50 kr), so we saved some money. A sum we wouldn't even reflect on in Sweden, but here it's different.
Apparently a rat had crawled inside the stereo and shewed of some cables.


Garden of Dreams

Finally we got around to visit the tourist spot Garden of Dreams. It's a peaceful place in the middle of the town.
People go there to relax and a lot of young couples seem to go there to get to know each other, before marriage or in secret, if the love is not accepted by their families.
Read more about the garden here.
Leya loves to swing!