Sarojini nagar

As usual when we have Swedish visitors we go to Sarojini market for some shopping of branded clothes.
Karina, the mother, and I are Facebook friends since a long time and this time she was traveling with her daughter Kristina.
Before they came to Delhi they spent a few weeks working with children in Goa.
They come to India every year and next year they will come to Nepal too.
Early tomorrow morning they are going back home to Sweden.
Amazing people and friends for life!A view over the clothes and customers.

Indian bracelets

Lots of different designs of bracelets. Something for everyone.
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Sale: Modern Craft

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Happy birthday mom!

Today it's my dear mother's birthday and I want to dedicate this song to her.
It's the song Empty room with Nina Stenbrink, daughter to one of my old class mates.
Click here to listen and enjoy a young talent.

Sale: En Casa cushion covers

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Tiger piglets

In California, a tiger gave birth to three baby tigers.
Due to difficult pregnancy, the babies were born prematurely and due to their small size, they died shortly after the birth.
After recovering, the mother tiger suddenly started to lose health, although physically she was fine.
Veterinarians believed that the loss of her litter has caused depression, so they decided to put babies from another tiger, perhaps, her condition would improve.
Unfortunately it turned out that it is impossible to obtain tiger babies of the right age for a grieving mother.
But the solution was found, it is on the photo!

Our life

An article in a Swedish newspaper about our life in India.
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A baby Princess was born i Sweden this morning. Hurray!
One day she will be the Queen just like her mother will be when our King retires.

Sale: BlackSmith Clocks

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Sale: Chai why

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Facebook page

Since we are offering exciting and beautiful Indian and Nepalese products I've started a Facebook page.
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Leya's new room

Leya has moved in to our wardrobe that use to be a toilet.
She has really made it her room with her books and nice cushions.
Here she is sleeping her first night.


SAS Home book ends

Book ends:
Leather and canvas
53 USD/39 Euro
The sale ends the 26:th of February.

SAS Home trays

Leather and canvas
37 USD/28 Euro
44 USD/33 Euro
The sale ends the 26:th of February.

SAS Home coasters

Coasters, 6 pcs:
Leather and canvas
37 USD/28 Euro
The sale ends the 26:th of February.

SAS Home cushion covers

Cushion cover:
100 % silk
30x30 cm
37 USD/28 Euro
40x40 cm
44 USD/33Euro
The sale ends the 26:th of February.


Purple jungle wash bag

Wash bag:
100 % polyester
23x17x6 cm
29 USD/22 Euro
The sale ends the 24:th of February.