Google translate

After gaining immense crazy and out fun lying letters on the computer that out dying folks lack to extend a mass of money, translated by Google from English to Swedish, I took off thinking that haply it would tickle even your second. So I'm rubbing along and translate one of my Swedish scripts using Google.
I fathom that you who are native English load speakers are not relived to this inflate phenomenon.
If you are staked in reading my script so get in affect (touch). It is with suchlike hilarious lyrics that somehow I do not perceive what it is from time to time.

Lily's grave

Mom Sweetie was so sweet to let us bury the little body in her 1x4 meter small garden.
Since the family belongs to a caste where they cremate their dead I wasn't sure she would understand how important it was to me to bury her and not throw her in the creek like waste.
So now we have a grave to take care of.


Little Lily

I'm crying, crying, crying! I've nursed the puppy Lily for two days and this morning we had the vet put her to sleep.
Her spinal cord was damaged so there was nothing we could do.
Lily was so sweet and loving! I've asked our late dogs to meet her in the light and take care of her.
I'm just happy I could give her lots of love in the end of her short life here on earth.
God bless little Lily!


Puppy Lily

Yesterday I found out that one of the street puppies was run over and killed, but later I found her alive and badly injured in another street.
I took her to our house and called the vet. Now she is recovering in our home and at night she is staying in our bed.
For four hours she was fighting for her life and no one cared. I feel ashamed of my fellow humans!
I know Lily is just a street dog, but to me she is worth as much as anyone in my family.


Going to Delhi

Actually I'm going to Delhi today.
Last time I was there I shopped trims for a Swedish customer and since the order was big, for us anyway, we wanted to make the payment via bank.
But. When I was there they totally forgot to tell me that they didn't have an export license and are therefor not allowed to receive money from abroad.
There are alternatives how to transport money over the border between Nepal and India, but we realized we are saving money if I go myself instead.
And I can check the order a last time, which is good.
And I can do a tiny bit of shopping, so I don't mind going again.

Dentist in Nepal

I can highly recommend a visit to the dentist if you are coming to Nepal.
Our dentist is well educated, professional and an expert in preforming root canals and put in new teeth with titanium screws.
Leya and I had a simple check up and we paid 1 USD for both of us. A few months ago I had to pull out a tooth and it cost me 6 USD including the shot and a receipt for anti inflammatory medicine. Then the medicine was 2 USD.
So let me know if you are coming to Nepal and want to visit the dentist.


Chicken in the house

The crazy rooster seem to be living closer than I thought.
Yesterday we noticed that there were chickens at the neighbors balcony. Apparently Mom Sweetie brought live chickens from her village in Gorkha on the micro bus.
Her daughter Chanda delivered a baby girl a few weeks ago and traditions say that she needs to eat just-in-house killed chicken for energy.
Here are the chickens.

I think it's the crazy crower on this plate, because now it's back to heavenly silence.


A crazy rooster

A nearby neighbor has bought a rooster and he crows, very loud, at any time during the day.
I hope they will eat him soon!


No swimming

The other day Nicholas and Leya went to the local swimming pool to cool off, but Nicholas didn't pass the bath-pants-control.
He had perfectly fine swimming shorts, but they were not made of "silk" like the speedos they offered him to borrow.
I understand he got furious. Who wants to put on underwear strangers have used?
Since they want to go there again I suppose he has to buy a pair of tight speedos in "silk" á la the 70's.
He will do it for Leya, but he will not be entirely happy.
That's for sure!



A few days ago Nicholas admitted that he enjoyed watching cricket. He even said it was more fun than watching football and that was a huge thing for him to admit.
To be kind I joined him to watch cricket and I just happened to love it. Before I knew it I understood the rules and cheered like crazy.
So now I'm watching the IPL T20 tournament in India and my favorite team is Chennai Super Kings.
Dhoni is the king of the kings!