Really bad quality of the plastic bottles here.



Our Swedish customer Birgitta's samples are read to be sent to her shop in the small town of Öregrund.
He is doing the last ironing.Master ji shows the packing of a jacket and a white summer tunic.


Jain is back

Last night Jain came home from Goa.
He'd cut himself very badly on some glass. A vein was broken, so he barely made it to the hospital.
He was very lucky!


The Prana factory

Today we visited the Prana nail mat factory. They were stitching black and red mats.And the ladies were gluing the purple.Many spikes to glue on each mat. 230 pcs to be exact.


This paper girl shows that Leya is big enough to pay for the metro.


Pawan and Isha

Pawan and Isha's wedding album. It cost them 900 USD!
They spend too much money on weddings here in India.Amazing album though.
Pawan and Isha are so cute together.

At the Happy sikh's home

We were invited to the Happy sikhs home for some tea and snacks.
He was also giving food in the street, but he had a bad ear infection, so his son the Car sikh, Pawan, had to do all the hard work.Some put a sock in their pants to get girls, but this youngster, behind the Happy sikh, puts an onion under his cap to get the sikh style.Pawan and his mother.Leya is eating the smallest dessert I've ever seen.

Sikh celebrations

Yesterday the sikhs celebrated the Martyrdom of Guru Tegh Bahadur.They gave food to everyone for free.A golden orchestra.


Heartland Model Agency

Today we are sending godie bags to Heartland Model Agency for the grand opening of their new studio in Stockholm the 5:th of December.
The cute bags contain a hand made jewelry of vintage sari fabric from my collection Annie Nero Design.

Stop in traffic

So many things are happening these days. Holidays, weddings and this.
They had a very heavy statue of a God on the roof of the car.
They played drums very loud, what a surprise, and created a massive traffic jam.I asked the landlord about the woman with the plant on her head and he told me they were celebrating that she had given birth to a healthy boy.



Yesterday it was a terrible noise in our street. Drums, screaming and scary fire crackers.
It went on for hours and finally this woman came out.
Why does she have a plant on her head?


Birds of pray film

Big, big birds

Two men were throwing some kind of food in to the air, so lots and lots of birds of prey circled in the skies above us.


It's winter here in Delhi, so they have blankets on the goats.
Well, it's 25 degrees so it's like a Swedish summer.


Today we went to the muslim area, Turkman Gate and bought beads for my jewelry.
Like picking candy! Lovely!


Masking tape

If someone is interested there is a huge market for masking tape here in India.


The Chawla family

Today Leya and I delivered three Prana nail mats to the family Chawla in the north part of Delhi.
A very nice family and we will surely meet again.



Today we went to a sikh funeral. Of course very sad for the family, but the Indian lunch was good and it was interesting to experience their funeral ritual.

Leya's birthday

Yesterday it was Leya's 4:th birthday and we had to sing "Happy Birthday" three times before she woke up.At school they sang for her and she was very proud standing there on the desk.She got a surprise dress from the Happy-sikh.Leya about to blow the candle on the cake.Our last guest for the day, the Happy-sikh.


Street dogs

Our cuddly street dogs, Jimmy and Emma, named after two of my cousins.

Sikh cermony

We went to the principals home to show our respect for the dead father.
We were invited to the dead man's house and there was a sikh priest reading from a large sikh holy bible.They read from the bible three days and two nights and yes, the priests are reading in shifts.
On wednesday we are invited to attend the cermonies in the sikh temple.

Bull blanket

A bull with a special made blanket for his hump. So cute!The bulls are delivering bags of rise all over Main Bazar.
Amazing to maneuver a big bull in the Indian traffic.


The Indian government have decided to broaden the Main Bazar Road with about 5 meters.
They don't inform the business owners before they start the demolition and they don't compensate them for the mess.This shop we visited yesterday and we came back today to take photos for our website, but they sat inside the shop in chock since a big part of their shop was gone.We wondered if it's so wise to remove parts of the buildings? Will the remains be stable enough not to collaps?

Father's day

Yesterday we celebrated the Swedish father's day.
Nicholas got a new computer bag from Leya.Indian tea, chai, is full of sugar.
Leya wants all of it.Then we went to a Fun City in a shopping complex for Leya to play.


Our home

We've put a sticker with the Goddess Lakshmi's footprint on the floor.
It will give us the wealth we are waiting for.Our living room with the smallest fat TV on the market and vintage saris as curtains.Leya and I have put photos of our family in the windows in the livingroom.Leya's sister Emmi, who lives in Sweden with her mother, got her own window place.
We miss her a lot!The hall/computer central with a bedsheet we bought in Jaipur as a wall decoration.The small kitchen.
We are not cooking food here yet, but you never know.This room we have sorted for Jain when he arrives from Goa next week.
I can't believe I have a grown up indian son.Today we built this room divider in our bedroom.Our mattresses on the floor. Nice and cozy!



We've bought a big cosy blanket to keep us warm during the winter.
I miss central heating!


Jal Mahal

The amazing water palace, Jal Mahal.
Read more about it here.