In this no. of the Swedish magazine Hälsa (=Health) there was a survey made on 12 nail mats and our Prana got a 4 out of 5, the highest grade given.
We are very happy about that!

Christmas lights

On our street in Eskilstuna there is a house that has Christmas lights everywhere from the first Advent.
It's fantastic!


Daddy Tage

Today we visited sweet Tage and his family. Since Onsdag's delivery is soon we wanted to meet, but Onsdag was not happy to see him at all.
Not a loving couple. More like a long time married couple.


Horse whisperer

It's a huge horse show taking place in Stokcholm this weekend and I just saw this remarcle man showing his horses. See for your self here.
Jean-Francois Pignon

Like the commentator said: "Once you've seen this you will never forget it."

Christmas presents

Why don't you give your loved ones a designed shower curtain or a nail mat for Christmas present.
You order, we send it and you don't have to stress from shop to shop.
Sweet roses - www.ilmaofsweden.com
Amber glow - orange - www.prananailmat.com.


Shame on you UPS!

I'm really disappointed at UPS.
Their service is lousy.
I'm tired of hearing: "We can't help you."
Tell the truth instead. You are not interested in having small and poor customers.
I promise. I will never be like that!



Today we are going to Stockholm for a two-day market. Indoors, luckily, since the rain is pooring down.


Have you seen Andy?

I just saw this touching documentary and I still have tears in my eyes.
If it was up to me every pedofil would be sent to Sibiria to forced-labour camp for the rest of their pitiful lives.

Read more about the woman who made the film here.

More furnitures

Nice designed furnitures:


Ganesha is the hindu God with elephant head. There are many stories how he got that head and here is one of them:
Shiva had been away from home for may years and when he finally came home he found Ganesha with his wife Parvati.
Shiva thought he was his wifes lover and chopped his son's head off.
When he realised it was his son he went out and took the first head he could find and that was an elephant head.

Baby Ganesha
Ganesha is one of my favourites. He is kind and there for you when you need a friend.


Shabby chic

Shabby chic, italian and french romance is very popular designs in Sweden.
We've just started to cooperate with an indian company making these kinds of designs.
If you are interested please let me know.
All items will be made and sent from India when ordered.



Now it's not only West Africa like Nigeria, Benin and Togo approaching companies with fraud business.
China also have a lot of dodgy companies contacting you if you're in the import/export business.
This was news to me and I didn't want to believe that they were that kind of scaming people, but I was obviously wrong.

These greedy thieves belongs behind bars.

Green cousin

When I was younger I wanted a green cousin. Very serious!
I got my first cousin when I was 10 and he wasn't green, but still very cute.



Yesterday I went to a serious and very gifted medium, Niclas Pahlman.
If you want to come in contact with him send a message to:


Leya's first bike

Yesterday Leya got her first bike from her grandmother and grandfather.Since we bought it from our neighbour she cycled home.


The first birthday party

Tomorrow it's Leya´s 3:rd birthday, but we started the celebrations today already when Nicholas family came.
Leya is opening her presents.

Emmi and Leya are playing with Play doh.

From the left: Eva, Nicholas fathers wife, Britt-Marie, Nicholas mother and Nicholas father, Mats.Dave, Ellinor´s fiance and Ellinor, Evas daugther.

Leya and Nicholas made the cake.

Now she'd blown the candles on the cake.Nicholas, Emmi and Leya, eating her cake.


Suger hatch

Spotted this socker=sugar hatch today when we visited the local candy maker.
Very cool!

Flee market

Tomorrow we are going to sell at our first flee market in a village nearby.
There use to be a lot of people visiting on saturdays. Very exciting!

But we'll be indoors since it's freezing outside nowdays.



This time I'm quit pleased with the henna painting on my hand.
Previous paintings have looked like runic writing according to my dear husband.
Henna is fun, harmless, very personal and I love it.


Today we realizes that Onsdag (Wednesday) is pregnant.
The last week her stomack has increased 7 cm and normaly she is rather slim.


Scroll, scroll!

The other day Leya got angry about something Nicholas said.
She said:
"Now you are silly dady so I will scroll you out of my sight. Scroll, scroll!" And then she did a scrolling gesture with her finger.
Now we consider this a genius new expreshion and use it whenever we don't want to listen anymore. The scrolling finger pointing at the talker is very important for the effect.
You are free to use it!
Maybe Bill Clinton will use the expreshion "Scroll, scroll!" when Hilary is nagging.


Mom's cooking

When we arrived to my parents house on wednesday my mother had cooked roast, potatoes, mushroom gravy and vegetables.
Absoloutely fantastic and well needed.
Now we are on the way home and of course she gave us food to bring home.
My mom is the best mom in the world!



Sitting in the car on the way to my parents. It's dark, 6 degrees cold and snowing.
I wish I was in India!