The monster in the bag

Yesterday morning at 5 we heard this irritating whining from the kitchen.
The dog food bag, that was almost empty, was shaking from something furious, but before I got the camera to tape it, it had bitten a hole right through and run off.
You should have seen Angel with her nose down the bag smelling the mouse.



Today we met these cool guys that runs their own icecream factory.
Of course we are going to serve their fab Italian icecream.
Nicholas and I got married in Rome in 2003 and ate a lot of the best icecream in the world.


I think we finally are ready with the sofa parts in the café.Here they have managed not to center the plug. So annoying.


Chairs, anyone?

Catmoss photo shoot

So cute!Leya loved to be a modell for a day.Leya outside the Catmoss shop in Karol Bagh.
The dress on the right side is the same she is wearing on the photo above.


The Hanuman temple

Leya and I are just outside the Hanuman mouth.A super glittery room in the temple.Of course people wanted to have their photo taken with Leya even in the temple.Getting a blessing in the Sai Baba room.

Sarojini market

Making a bargain at Sarojini market.

Dad's first dinner in Delhi

My dad has arrived and we are eating dinner at Sam's.Nicholas after a few glasses of beer.



Leya's shoes were very broken, so we stopped by a street shoemaker to repair them.Shoes to borrow while the shoemaker is working.

This driver has taken a break


Unwanted neighbours

These monkeys are disturbing our upstairs neighbour Gaby.
One monkey opened the tap on Gaby's terrass and started to wash her arm pits while her monkey kids were watching.


An offspring of the original builders of Taj Mahal is showing how the carving in the marble is done.
To see the pattern he is making, he is covering the surface with the red henna colour.Stones to be placed piece by piece on the plate he is making.


Leya at Taj Mahal

Lots and lots of people wanted to have their photo take with Leya.

Taj Mahal

Taj Mahal in it's all glory.
Taj Mahal was built by a mogul prince to bury his beloved wife who died from giving birth to 14 children.Every friday the Taj Mahal is closed for reparation. It took 22 years and 20 000 people to build and still there are relatives living in the area.
So every friday they repair the buildings and change this water that use to be clear and shows a mirror picture of Taj Mahal.
We were there a thursday so the water was dirty.
The minaret towers are built so they lean outwards so they will not fall into the main building if there is an earthquake.
All factories in the area are closed down due to pollution, to keep this new listed sight of world of wonders kept for years to come.An amazed trio.


The first day

Since we landed in Delhi at 3 am, we went to sleep at 6 am in our flat and woke up at 2 pm. Talk about a confusing day.We went to Master ji since my mum needs dresses for the wedding she and dad are attending in Madurai, in the south of India.My mum is cleaning our home her first day in Delhi. We tried to stop her, but she was as stubborn as only a redhead can be.

Back to India

My mother-in-law, my mum, Leya and I before we enter the security check point at Arlanda, Stockholm.I really like the Babushkas. A very special Russian thing.Finally in India. The new built airport is so fresh and nice.


Last shopping

Did I tell you I love IKEA? Well, today I did the last shopping for this trip for the café.
Many colourful things, but Swedish style!


Today I went to visit my darling Greta.
Greta and her late husband Sven had a summer house close to us during my childhood and they took care of us a lot when mum and dad was working long hours at the farm.
Greta is a very special lady and I've learned a lot from her. She is very controversial for her generation.A late friend of Greta had this painting made in the 90's. It's the Pearly gate and to the right, closest to the gate is Greta and her friend John is next in line.
Since he knows her and her ways he brought a stool because he knew it would take some time for Greta to talk her way in.
Very humorous for us who knew/know them both.


Before and after

Darling mum before and after the haircut.

El Corte Ingles

Our Prana nail mat agent in Spain has landed a huge customer, the chain of stores El Corte Ingles. Very exciting!
Read more here.



In Leya's Café it's shoes off!
You are most welcome to borrow our slippers. We start with some pairs from IKEA, but soon I'd like to offer my own designed slippers made from vintage saris.


Today my mother-in-law came from Stockholm.


Cream buns

Home made cream buns. Grandma is the best!

Cool biker

Leya loves her bike. She falls and cries a lot, but she still loves to ride it.

Spring cleaning

Time for some spring cleaning.
Dad's old Ford is going in the garage and it hasn't been used for a car in more than 20 years, so there are things to throw or at least move.What to keep and what to throw? That is the eternal question.


Cute cousins

Alfwin and Leya are eating candy and enjoying the view over the ice covered lake.Then they ran off and started to play.