Happy Diwali!

Happy Diwali dear friends all over the world!
Here in Nepal we celebrate the Hindu Goddess Lakshmi.
She stands for wealth, prosperity (both material and spiritual), light, wisdom, fortune, fertility, generosity and courage; and the embodiment of beauty, grace and charm.
We are doing Puja in Tara's shop. Puja is a ritual when you worship the Goddess, give some money and eat sweets.


Money attack

We wish!
It was a monkey attack and someone wrote this on a pillar at one of our favorite restaurants, Metro.

Monkey attack

Monkey attack! 1-0 to Leya!
The monkey had no chance snatching her new bag.Then she borrowed a slingshot and tried to get even, but it was more dangerous for us than the monkeys.


Pashupatinath temple

We are visiting the temple and river where the Nepalese people are cremating their loved ones.
For us this is very different since, at least in Sweden, death is not a natural part of life.
We seldom talk about death and because of that the sorrow is even worse.
Most people don't even believe in a life after this and because of that the death is very definitive.
When someone dies we have a ceremony in church and then the body is either cremated in a special house with no one present or buried in the graveyard.Leya and I are watching how family and friends are saying their good byes and the temple people are preparing the old woman.At this temple they are not cremating pregnant women or children below the age of five.
Everything is handled very dignifying and even we find the cremation like a part of life.


Leya Pari Maiya

Just a nice pic of Leya Pari Maiya, that means cutie pie in Nepali.


Nepal is truly the heaven of pastery.
Not good for the body, but for the soul!


David Steele

Leya and our new friend, the Bollywood super star David Steele, brother to Remington Steele.
Bollywood here we come!


Ritual slaughter

Yesterday it was a huge holiday here and they had some kind of religious slaughter of bulls and goats on a square.
We didn't go because it sounded so awful and that was a wise decision.
Today we met a friend who was there and witnessed it and he's still in shock.
It was like old time hangings when you brought your children, laughing and taking photos.


Information about Nepal

If you are interested in learning more about Nepal please read here.



Today it feels much better. I suppose universe has a purpose with our visit here in Nepal.
Leya loves her new green felted hair and red Nepalese shoes.


Two months

Today we went to the Indian Embassy again and I humiliated myself to some cold hearted Indians.
There is a rule that you have to stay out of India for two months when you extend your Visa, but I thought that we could talk to someone sensible enough that understands that we are providing Indians work and that we are determent to live in India permanent.
If we had been a liability to the society I would have understood their attitude, but we are doing what ever we can to be a part of the community.

Today we are completely devastated and I'm so worried about our dog Angel that has to spend two months in a shelter.

Please if someone of you reading this has any idea of how we can solve this situation, please email me at nero@ilmaofsweden.se.


Our arrival to Nepal

The plane was a bit late due to bad weather in Kathmandu, but we arrived safely and managed to go to the Indian embassy 1 minute before they closed for the weekend.

The man behind the counter said we have to stay out of India for two months. I know the rules are like that, but we have to go back as soon as possible.
Managed to get an appointment on Monday at 11 am.

We stayed at one hotel last night, but shifted to another that was half the price and at least twice nicer.