Tooth and birthday dinner

Two days ago Leya lost one of her upper front teeth. It jumped out in the middle of the exams, so there was apparently a little bit of a drama.
The same day we went to Patan to celebrate Leya's big sister Alina's 24:th birthday with dinner at a restaurant.



I've finally started walking again. Five laps around the temple in the evening with Angel should do it.
I'm tired of hearing that I'm fat. Here in Nepal people don't realize that their words hurt. I know it's a cultural thing and that they don't mean anything, but still ...


Happy Midsummer!

This weekend we celebrate the Summer Solstice in Sweden and we did some celebrations here too. We want Leya to keep in touch with the Swedish traditions as well as the Nepalese.
Read more about the Midsummer festival here.
We use to make the garlands from flowers, but I made them of vintage saris and feathers instead.
Dancing around the big pole made of flowers is a tradition as well as meeting family and friends and eat raw fish with fresh potatoes, barbecue and strawberry cake.
See the girls dancing around our Christmas tree that was pimped for the occasion.
Just like a typical Swedish Midsummer eve it was raining all day.



We got a parcel from my mother and even though I've asked her to send big padded envelopes she insists on sending big parcels that we have to go and get at the post office.
Getting a parcel from the post office is one of the most complicated projects you can get yourself into without a college degree in logistics.
You are told to go between three different rooms over and over again and almost 10 men are involved in stamping and controlling.
It gives work opportunities, but I think it's time to look over the routines. We don't have all time in the world hanging around the post office.



I have a friend in Thamel, the tourist area in Kathmandu, and I've named her Maya (it's like sweetheart).
She follows me everywhere when she sees me. Even today when I went to have breakfast.
She is the sweetest dog you can imagine and I would love to give her a home, but we live to small for one more dog.
Amazingly no one tried to move her when she feel asleep on the floor.
After a while she tucked her self under my chair.


Today I finally met sweet Mayuri, an Indian woman who lives in Chicago.
She use to read this blog. That's how she found me.
She is going on a trip to Tibet with more than 70 other Indians and we are going to meet again when she comes back.
I'm very curious to hear all about the trip and help her with some proper shopping.

She even brought a Belle doll for Leya. Leya was so happy receiving this beautiful doll.


Ethnic boots

I've designed these handmade ethnic Nepali boots.
We have so many rustic, beautiful ethnic fabrics here in Nepal.
The foot part is made of a fabric used as an apron by the Buddhist Tibetan women.
These boots also work as riding boots.
We can make any size, even one pair. Just let me know...



I'm not happy with Leya's school.
Yesterday they apparently showed very scary pictures of children with stomachs full of worms and they lied and said they could get worms from eating sugar.
Sometimes it feels like the grown ups here don't think one step further.
Is this how we want to raise or kids? By scaring them and telling them lies?
Of course we checked the correct facts on the internet and told Leya, but how many other parents did that?


Princess wedding

Click this link and you can watch the wedding of the little Swedish princess Madeleine and her soul mate Chris.

Rain cover tarpaulin

This year we've made preparations for the monsoon rain.
Since we have the kitchen outside and have to go outside when we go to the other room or the bathroom, this is making our lives even better.

Star struck

Yesterday we went to a supermarket with lots of Western food and there we met a man who knows about Leya and NepalSisters.
He got star struck and could almost not speak, but he was in good company. Leya is always shy when she meets new people.


Funny sign

Seriously! I rather pay 100 % for a whole t-shirt.


18 small dishes

Sunday we went to another post-wedding-party, Nepalese style, at our temple.
Here we are waiting for the food to be served.

I must say they are effective when they start serving. I'm glad I like spicy food nowadays. Otherwise I couldn't eat much.

Here we are thanking our friend, the groom, Akash for inviting us.

One thing to remember for next time. If you don't want to eat with your hands BRING A SPOON.


Salted icing on the cake

The party on Saturday was fantastic! I was a little bit afraid it would be boring since we didn't know anyone else but the groom.
We were about 20 guests and it was a perfect mix of nationalities. Most Japanese guests since the bride is from Japan, but one was married to an Irish girl and another had a Kashmirian boyfriend, who used to steal cakes as a kid.
The cake was a huge success. Especially since the icing was salty instead of sweet. I haven't laughed that much in years.

The bride Akimi was so sweet when she put on my handmade earrings I made for her as a wedding gift. She works at a farm where women are making sanitary pads from fabrics and I will go with her next week to learn more about the project.

Class 2

Yesterday Leya's principal called and asked if it was OK if Leya skipped a class and started class 2 instead and of course it was fine with us.
I'm so proud to have a daughter who is beautiful AND smart. Thank you God!


Post-wedding parties

Tonight we are going to a surprise wedding party. Our cashmere supplier, one of Nepal's best bodybuilders, has married his Japanese girlfriend in Japan and apparently all papers are in order here in Nepal too. So her friends have planned a surprise party at a restaurant in the nearby city Patan.

And today we got invited to a post-wedding-party tomorrow at the areas temple.
According to Nicholas (who is terrible at gossiping), our friend Akash got married to his girlfriend without her parents approval, so they never attended the wedding.
I will know more after the party, but if it's true I would like to ask her parents:
Akash may come from a lower caste, but he is a terrific, happy (that shows clearly in the photo), person, who works hard and lives with his family in a big house. What is more important to you? Your gods and the society's happiness or your daughter's?