Bought this lovely "Buddha's eyes" wallhanging and put it on the wall outside, so the neighbors can enjoy it too.
It shines so beautiful in the evening when the sun is setting behind the mountains.

My screen

I've finally repaired my computer.
The black blob changed shape, but the last week it was impossible to work.


Buddha's head

I found a clay Buddha head in the market and painted him blue like our bedroom.
I put him on the railing with two typical Nepalese and Indian lights, clay holders with lamp oil.
A beautiful setting in the evening!


Monsoon and fever. Talk about weather change!
The temperature is yet again bearable.



Our neighbors on the backside, love football.
Every time a team scores a goal in the EM Cup the whole family is happy, screaming.


When the power is back after a power break you yell "Botti ai o!".
It means "The light is back!".


Presentation Part 1

I've started a presentation of us on Ilma of Sweden's page on Facebook.
It's exciting to relive what has happened in our lives for the last two years.
Click here to follow our journey.



Hello Monsoon! Where are you?
Last year there was no monsoon when we stayed in Delhi and now the monsoon is already one month later than last year here in Nepal.
I hope we are not involved in any way. We need rain!


Stock sale! Caps

Many designs and very good prices!
See more photos here.

Leya and her friend and sister, Eva, are modelling.


I seem to have a lack of Magnesium, so I'm drinking Magnesium powder.
I've had problems relaxing and my muscles are aching, so I haven't been sleeping properly for more than a week.
Google is a fantastic source for information.


We've found a fantastic supermarket.
We searched for more than two years in India and we never found anything like this store.
Very expensive, but sometimes it's worth the money to buy...for example Heinz Ketchup.
Nicholas is so happy!