Jawaid's birthday

Yesterday Jawaid celebrated his 58:th birthday so we bought him dinner and cake.

Monster shop

This shop at Sarojini market had half a car inside.And a lot of monsters that scared us a lot.

Sunday at Sarojini market

Sarojini market again. Our best market for shopping labled clothes.
Leya is bargaining. If they say 150 she says 500.
So funny!Leya is trying a jacket.We finally took a break and ate some warm corn with salt and butter.

Alex' sunday

Alex is recoloring clothes with some help from a coloring man in the street.I bought this rainbow colored vintage shawl a few months ago and it was Alex', so I gave it to her.
She is so beautiful!Late last night Alex had finished her packing. She went home to Sweden today.

Beauty parlour

Alex painted Leya's nail and Leya liked that a lot.


Saturday dinner

A classic!
Subway with a dessert pastry from Wengers at Connaught place.

Child labour

Leya tryed the overlock machine.
She thought it was fun!


We have a well equiped crystal shop in PaGa.
Marianne found fantastic healing wands, crystal angels and pendants.Beautiful healing wands.

Sarojini market

Leya is negotiating.They all love her!


This man is maneuvering two bulls in the narrow street.It's just unbelievable how well trained the bulls are.So calm and cute!

Fabric princess

Leya is a real indian Fabric princess.



Alex and Master ji with Alex and Frida's designed dresses.Alex is very happy about the good quality work.

Indian SIM card

Marianne is buying passport photos to get a Delhi SIM card.
Much cheaper and easier than calling from the Swedish no.


Yesterday night we picked up Alex at the domestic airport.
She's been to Goa for three weeks.


Marianne has arrived!

Today Leya and I picked up Marianne at the airport.She bought a pair of white pants in the same design as a pair she bought last time she was here, about 20 years ago.Leya got a polar bear, that she named Emmi Pari, and we got magazines, candy and bearnaise sauce. Yummie!



Tomorrow our Swedish friend Marianne arrives to Delhi.
Looking forward to meet her and the candy and magazines she is bringing.
She will be our guest baker at Leya's Café as soon as we open.


The movie Tangled

Yesterday we went to see a movie. Leya's first.
Tangled (Trassel), the best film since the first Shrek.
This is before the movie.This is after! Happy girl!
I'm amazed when they create a movie that appeals to both kids and adults.



Today Leya wanted to look like a superstar with bindhis all over the forehead.

Café door

The café door behind Leya is still closed and locked.
We want to open now!



Today we met this cute holy cow.


The café

The problems are not over yet. They've stopped the renovations again since one of the nearby hotels were closed today.
They can't afford to risk to loose their hotel guests because of the renovations of the café and that is completely understandable.



We had a small earthquake the other night.
It felt like you slept next to a road and a big truck passed.
Strange, but not big enough for Leya and Nicholas to wake up.



Leya is now called Pari, angel in hindi, pronounced like Paris in French.
This photo is from the Christmas play in school and it shows Leya is really a pari.



We are glad to have two more artists that are going to show their art in our café.

Thomas Taylor lives in Hawaii and he paints with lots of colors.
Read more about him here.
The young Tess Waltenburg is a multi creative person and a very talanted photographer.
See more of her photos here.



I found these fantastic blankets, or maybe bedspreads since they are 225 x 225 cm, in the bazar today.
Lovely texture and perfect for the whole family to hide under a chilly day.

Cute umbrellas

They've started to sell beautiful umbrellas in the bazar.


Happy Lohri

Today it's Happy Lohri here in India.
Read more about it here.

Aladdin and Princess Jasmine

We have sponsored the theater group Teaterfolket, (the theater people) in Malmö, Sweden, with beautiful classic Indian clothes.
They soon have premiere with the children's play Aladdin.



We'll have these colorful puffs in the café.
Their energies make me so happy!

Vintage sari paintings

I love old saris and I've found one more way to keep them for the after world.


Cushions for the café

Imagine these cushions on the cobalt blue rocking chairs.
A swedish touch since our flag is yellow and blue.And these for the purple sofa.

New shop

They have opened a new shop at Main Bazar with these fantastic products.
Cushion covers.Bedspreads.And beautiful bags.