Tara's birthday

Happy birthday dear didi Tara!
Only two weeks left and then we'll have a baby in the family.


German newspaper first page

I sold my article and one of the newspaper published my information and photo on the first page. I'm so proud!
It was so exciting sneaking around the hospital looking for the climbers.
For the money, 320 Euro, I will buy us a bed. A nice memory of my first paid article.
Read the second online-paper article here.
I took the photo with Ralf in the hospital bed.


Avalanche in Nepal

Yesterday a horrible avalanche hit the third camp at the world's 8:th highest mountain, Manaslu.
It's still chaotic, but the most injured survivors were flown to a hospital here in Kathmandu.
Today I went to the hospital and got a good talk with a German man in the intensive care.
I've written an article about his experience.
If you know someone working at a German newspaper please get back to me at nero@ilmaofsweden.se.
A survivor.

Vote for Leya!

Please vote for Leya and we have a chance to win money.
It's easy!
Click here and look for this photo with my name Ani Nero. Like the photo and we have your vote.


Car exhibition

Yesterday we visited the annual car exhibition with our friend Krishna, who plans to buy a car.
I think he will buy a Hyundai, but he has to clear it with his wife first.


Teej festival celebrations

Yesterday we went to Pashupatinath with all the beautiful women in our family.
Sadly there was an old, unexplainable tradition that Leya and I wasn't allowed to enter the temple since we are not Hindu by birth.
I had a long discussion with the prominent men in charge and I hope they will change this tradition in the future.
See photos here.


Fashion blogger

A fashion blogger in US has blogged about my dog leashes. Cool!
Click here to read more.


Brought a pool from Sweden and the kids love it.



I'm back after a well needed break from the blog.
We had to go back to Sweden to apply for new passports.
Click here to see our trip to Sweden.