Nail cushion covers

My nail mat cushion design made of vintage sari fabrics.


Saturday we went with my father to fish crayfish.
They are not cute when they are alive, but they taste very good when they are cooked in lots of salt and dill and some beer.
They are called the lake Vättern's gold.


The annual autumn fair in Askersund was a rainy event.


Cool family

This family was dressed for an Indian evening.


The models are practicing for the last fashion show at the museum in Kristianstad.
The show was outdoors and for a while it rained, but luckily it stopped just in time.



We just stopped and helped a man that had crashed with his car into a big moose.
He was OK, but his car was not a pretty sight.
He must have had a guardian angel watching over him tonight.


Sharon Osser

Sharon Osser from India, sang beautiful songs during the fashion show.

Young models

All week Nicole has shown Leya how to pose as a real model.



Today we booked the tickets back to Delhi.
We're going the 23:rd of September.
Can't wait!


Made in India

The beautiful Edlina Adolfsson, from Heartland Model Agency, shows my personal Made in India-nail mat.

Chinese TV

Yesterday the Chinese TV channel NTDTV, with 280 milion viewers, filmed the fashion show.
They are going to make a half an hour program about Alex and hopefully send some scenes from the fashion show.

The ceiling

The ceiling in the cinema café is like an Indian dream.

Jensens steakhouse

Yesterday we had lunch at a danish steakhouse here in Malmö.
My mother-in-law has arrived from Stockholm to help out.



Yesterday we had the first fashion show and it was a success. I'm so happy!
The audiance is waiting.
The models just before the show.

Bollywood radio

Yesterday I was a guest at Bollywood radio.
Very exciting and fun!


Indian Fashion Show 2010

We've been asked to dress about 20 models for an Indian Fashion show and after a few weeks of hard work we are finaly here in Malmö in the south of Sweden.
We all met today and it was very exciting!