Fabric and Holi

Yesterday Leya and I went to the fabric market in Old Delhi.
Nice fabrics!
On monday it's Holi Festival of Colours and then we will look like this.



This is Pavliuska, Prana's agent in Venezuela and her darling daughter Indra.


Mauna and my darling mom

Today we brought a visitor to the Prana factory. Mauna is an indian woman who has lived in Bulgary for many years. She is a teacher and working with ayurveda.
A very beautiful woman, both on the outside and the inside.
Today it's my mom's birthday. We celebrated her with pancakes and swedish jam.


Parcel and doctor

Today mom's parcel arrived with books, cross words, photos and candy.My sisters son, Alfwin and his new icehockey goal tender gear. The puppies just before they left for their new homes.
My parents house, my childhood home.
One of the newborn calfs at my parents farm.
Bo and Micki seems like they want to come inside.
Wednesday is sitting on the road looking for something to happen.
Today I finally went to a doctor. He was almost 80 years old and very kind. Now I've started the third medicine for my stomach problems.


Lizard and lamps

We've got a new pet. Nicholas things he looks creepy, but he eats mosquitos so we like him.

Today we went to the Indian Handicrafts & Gifts Fair. A huge fair and we managed to see about 10 % of the exhibitors. A lot was the same, but we found some real treats. Almost no one had a website so they will send photos, but here are a few nice items.

We ate an expensive, but great buffé. We were alone in the restaurant so we had about 10 servants waiting on us.


Sarees at Zoo

In Sweden we would never see such a beautiful variety of garments. Especially not at Zoo.
One of the things I love about India.
These women don't care for a second that the shoes are not practical for long walking.

New Delhi Zoo

Yesterday we went to the Zoo. It was warm, a lot of visitors and a long way to walk between the animals.
We ate icecream to keep the energy!

Funny sign!

In the same place?

Love couple. Crocodiles holding tails.

Cute rhino bums.

Huge, fantastic elephants.


Fancy dresses and a red ball

Today Leya and I had a photo day in the bazar.
Fancy indian dresses.
Cool sandals.
Indian music.
Antique bracelets from the indian gypsies, the banjara tribe.
In a tunic shop we also met this fantastic musican. He was famous in Japan, some odd years ago and now he gives music lessons.Leya got a red ball from some indians we use to meet. She played in Hamids shop with his son Yusef.
She played and laugh and laught!



Today we went to the Prana factory and the staff just love when Leya comes. They pick her upp and kiss her like crazy.


Huge fair

This weekend we are going to Asia's biggest fair with handicrafts and textilies.
1 800 exhibitors. I'm really looking forward to it!
If you are looking for something special, please contact me. Find more information about the fair here.

Prana's agent in Turkey

Finally we found a dedicated agent in Turkey.
This is Hakan, to the left, with family and friends. Such a happy picture!


Chickenburger and Paolo

Today Leya and I went to McDonald's at Connaught place so I could buy four new books by Paolo Coelho. He's the best!
Here in Main Bazar there is a store selling trendy tunics and dresses. I've tryed about five times to talk to them that if I could take pictures I most likely have customers that wants to buy. No way! Then I have to buy the dresses before.
I've slept on it a few nights now and today I decided to go there and buy a few different designs. Then of a sudden I had to buy ten pcs in each design.
Universe is trying to tell me something here and maybe it's about time I listen.


Valentine dinner

I've had problems with my stomach for weeks now, so I'm rather tired.
Bought some Ayurveda medicin. Hope it will help.
Yesterday we ate a Valentine dinner and Nicholas ate meat for the first time since we left Sweden. Meat and a beer for my darling!


Our Mexican and Texas agent

This is a beautiful picture of Paco, his wife Romina and their cute son Maximiliano. Paco is Prana nail mat's agent in Mexico and Texas. We are happy that you are a part of our team, Paco!
Look at Paco´s ad at MercadoLibre. Good luck!

Ribbons and burgers

Today I took a lot of photos of ribbons and laces for a customer.

The shop is placed in a very busy corner and is about a half square meter small. When I went in the shop owner had to go out.During the evening it was a very close thunder and lightening and it rained heavily. We swam to our favourite restaurant and eat New Delhi's best burger.