Congrats Nepal for finally getting the constitution everyone has been waiting for so long!
The constitution was presented the 20:th of September by president Ram Baran Yadav and we had two public holidays to celebrate. (Like there is not enough holidays this time of the year when we have a lot to do before Christmas).
And there was a big firework to give this happy event a little extra attention, even though fireworks are illegal here in Nepal.
Read more about the constitution here.
But there is still problems in the district Terai and the people of Madhesh. It's difficult for us to fully understand the problems, but about 40 people have been killed already and that is just horrible.
Since Terai is the most productive area in Nepal the prices of vegetables and other domestic products have increased a lot.
Yesterday there was a rumor that India was going to block the border so people went to the petrol stations in panic.
We are depended on so many things that are imported from India, so I really hope they will solve the situation fast, in a peaceful way.
Read more about it here and here.

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