Floor cushions

You buy these floor cushion covers and fill them with old clothes.


Prana nail mat's new agents

We welcome our new agents!
Swedish Yanaiki Rylin in USA and Japan.And Bechara Alraii in Lebanon.


Sunday Krishna march

Yesterday morning we got a sudden wake up at 7.15 when this Krishna chanting group passed outside our flat. The speaker was very loud!


Gorgeous tunics

Found these tunics at the bazar today and since there was just these two I bought them immediatly.
The pink is in size Large and the petroleum is size Small. Price 25 Euro/35 USD + freight charges.

Happy sikh

A friend of us took Leya to buy her some chocolate.
He is the happiest sikh we know. Always a big smile on his face!

Hanuman temple

The other day we visited this big, cool Hanuman temple.
The tempel is in different levels and has many rooms. Very exciting!
This is the entrance. You walk through Hanuman's mouth that is located between his legs.
In the dark cellar you find Kali, not the most kind and cute of all Hindu goddesses.



Leya, Hilda and I have a bad cold so we've had bedrest all day.


The day after the wedding

The day we left for Delhi we visited the newly wed couple's home and the bride was smiling again.
She is sitting with the beautiful dress she was going to wear at that evenings reception.
We got a nice snack meal in their new bed.
Nicholas draw a picture of the happy couple.
We passed the brides childhood home before we left for the train.
On the train we met this nice couple going to their daughter's home in Delhi.
They had an antique harmonic to the grandson with them.

Rat and Sita

When I went in to the bathroom a few hours ago I met a big rat. Not very nice!

Early in the morning I went out to buy water and then two street dogs started to bark at me.
Since they can be dangerous I got a bit scared, but this angel dog came to my rescue.
She stood between us so the huligans had to give up.I've named her Sita after a dog from my childhood and a hindu goddess that lived a though life.



Please join me at Facebook. My account name is: Fia Nero.
There you can see more photos from our adventures.

Henna and wedding

The evening before the wedding they painted beautiful henna on our hands.
On the wedding day they had a cermony when the bride received a lot of garments and presents.
The groom arrived at 1 am, three ours delayed and they had a cermony for him. Then they ate dinner, but we went back to the hotel.
The bride and groom united in the morning for the transport to their new home.


We are invited to a birthday party in Vrindavan the 6:th of may.
Maybe it's the place we are looking for to settle down. It looks fantastic!


Nail cushion covers

My latest design is decorative covers for the sofa cushions with nails on the backside. Easy to flip over and use under the neck while relaxing in the sofa.


Ganges and handloom

Since childhood I've wanted to go to the river Ganges to dip my feet. In Bhagalpur I got my chance and it was a magic moment for me.
We visited a handloom and Leya tryed. Not very easy!
These men are bleaching the yarn in a very special, syncroniced movement.
The silk sare yarn was the reason why we came to Bhagalpur in the first place and I got to try to make some, but that was just too difficult. Now I appriciate the yarn even more.



Yesterday we arrived to Bhagalpur where our supplier of old sari yarn lives with his family.
We are also invited to attend to his sisters wedding on sunday.
Today the women had the cermony Haldi when they smear visuable parts of the brides body with the paste from the yellow root haldi.
She is wearing the yellow sari for four days and takes it of on sunday.


Beautiful dog

This dog lives on the street outside our flat. She is kind as a saint.
Tomorrow we are going to Bhagalpur and the wedding. A direct train and we'll be there in 24 hours. Very exciting!


Easter eggs

Today we painted eggs at Café Festa. It's a swedish easter tradition. Boil eggs, paint them anyway you like, admire them for a while and then eat them.



Today we met Prana's agent in Argentina, Fran. He arrived to Delhi yesterday and he already loves india.
He is working as a motivation coach, he is an Ironman and a very nice person.