Restaurant Grandma

When we came home we ate mom's fantastic food and we enjoyed the weather and the amazing view over the lake from my parents house.


Leya's new baby

When we landed in Stockholm about a week ago, my mother-in-law gave Leya her very first real doll.
She had also made a lot of nice baby clothes and a bed.
Leya was speachless!


Swedish phone

Now you can reach me at my Swedish phone no: +46 70 33 427 33.

The move

To move in India is easy.
You just go out in the street and stop a cycle riksha.
They are experts on moving a lot of things on small vehicles.



Before leaving Delhi we had some last minute things to do. These taylors made two coats from my own design.
And they had a cute little kitten.



At wednesday night we are flying home to Sweden for the summer.
The apartment in chaos, Nicholas has high fever and I still have a lot of business to attend.
I will sleep for a week when we arrive.


Pilgrim journey in Radha Kund


In Radha Kund there are no restaurants. We finally found a place to eat beside the road. Bread, tomatoes and spicy soup.
We plan to move to Radha Kund in September. Maybe we will open a simple place with coffee and cinnamon buns.
When we visited Marocco in 2006 we found a favourite restaurant only serving spaghetti and tomatoe sauce to smooth jazz and lots of arts on the walls.
We'd like to create something like that. Simple, but full of atmosphere!


Purifying bath in Radha Kund

The purifying bath

When taking a bath in the two ponds in Radha Kund and go through a special ritual you will be liberated from earlier sins.
Leya and I thought it was a great idea, but Nicholas who is not that spiritual open, took a quick swim after.
Fantastic smooth water!



Our new friend, the polish Maja, is a very gifted jewellery designer.
See her designs here.



In Radha Kund there was a small festival for the hindu God Krishna the same evening we arrived.
This Krishna stone was brought from the temple.
This Krishna devote was the sing and dance leader for the evening festivities.
After we had a nice meal served on banana leafs.


Blue doors

Radha Kund is full of these beautiful blue doors.
I would like to live behind one.


Radha Kund

Radha Kund is a small village about three hours south of Delhi.
Kund means pond and Radha is lord Krishnas favourite gopi, shepherdess.


Girl dresses

Yesterday I bought some girl dresses at Sarojini market and Leya loves to dress up show them.


Kurta pyjama

Beautiful kurta pyjamas! Kurta pyjama is a traditional indian two part suit for men.


Japanes dinner and fabric market

Yesterday we ate a great japanes dinner at polish Maja and japanes Taco's home.
Taco's friend Taca had just arrived from Spain.
It was raining outside. Lovely!
Today I went to the fabric market in Old Delhi with the swedish couple Alex and Linus.
Alex is designing her own clothes so she shopped lots of nice fabrics.