My stomach is not working as it should so I've stayed at home for two days.
But now we are going to a restautant for a nice family dinner. For me it will be rise.
Here are some of the branded clothes we bought this thursday.
We took some photos today with our new employee Hilda.
If you like the clothes they are from Noa Noa.


Branded clothes

Today we rented a car and went to a market where they sell branded clothes. Found some real treasures of branded clothes. If you are interested in something, just let me know. We'll go to that market now and then.Not branded, but very cute.
We stopped at Lakshami Narayan Temple. A bit too touristy, but very nice.
Leya loved the beautiful goddesses.
Some beautiful dressed women outside the temple.


Rebublic Day of India

Yesterday India celebrated Republic Day of India. The city was very silent and empty in the morning, but everything opened again in the afternoon.
We went to see the parade at India Gate, but we didn't bring our passports so we were not allowed to enter.
Went to Bangla food an celebrated with choclate cake and mousse instead.
We've bought a small TV and we have about 15 channels with english spoken children programs, sports, movies and series.

Of course they showed one of my favourite movies yesterday, Gandhi. A must see film!



Today we met our wood-supplier Zayd and his friend. Zayd's company makes any product you can imagine from the mango tree. All items are carefully handmade.
Samples to show different finishes. Heaven for shabby chick lovers!A beautiful handmade bed from Zayed's company.
Tomorrow India celebrates Republic Day of India. There will be a parade at India Gate. Hopefully there will be elephants for Leya to see.


Nail mats

Today we visited the nail mat factory to get an update.
The female staff works side by side gluing on the plastic parts by hand.

A few of them with some of our different colours.

The boss, Sajeev.

Leya on the metro. Only a few travellers this saturday afternoon.

When we walk down the street there are a lot of parents that wants to take pictures with Leya and their children. This is one of them.

Tomorrow we'll have a computer free family day. Get back to you on monday, at the soonest.



To get water you have to get up at half past 5 and turn on the motor that will push the water up to the roof and in to the tank. It's only available one hour a day.
Lucky we don't use a lot of water.
I don't understand how the electricity net handles all the motors running during that hour.
Our tank on the roof.
Leya got a new dress with bells today and we got flowers from the cushion-man at the bazar. We are his best customers at the moment.
Leya fell several times today when walking, so she wanted band aids on her knees. Cute with her new princess shoes.



We've moved to a flat in the central Delhi and we like it a lot. But it's very cold inside so we have caught a cold, all three of us.
The other day we got mobile broadband so we can communicate.
Two out of three laptops have broken down so we have to share my mini computer. Nicholas will meet up with the computer doctor later today.
Our puppies are growing and my mom has to play with them during the day. They are so cute!



Now we finally have broadband in our flat, but we have fever and feel tired so I'll get back later.



Yesterday I had some stomach problems, but today I'm fine. But Nicholas and Leya has fever and are snoring.

A sick Leya.

Yesterday we looked at two flats. Outside one of them they were building so it was very difficult even to entry.
We chosed another one with some cables hanging loose outside.

The flat comes with only one bed so we have to do some shopping tomorrow. I will take before and after pictures.



Today we went to our nail mat manufacturer with the metro. It was very crowded and few seats.An Indian christmas tree with cotton snow.We love mango juice!
Hopefully we'll find a flat tomorrow!



Today I was really tired due to jetlag and though flights.
My personal Prana in the tuk tuk. Our supplier will start to sell our Prana design in the bazar. The nail mats are nowhere to be found in India.
We went to the bazar, again, to get Indian mobile no. A lot of papers to sign.
We eat spagetti bolognese for lunch. Great with no spicy food for a change.
Today I took more than 200 photos of clothes, bags, wallhangings etc.
Aladdin trousers in satin.
Trendy bags in buffalo skin.

Antique, handmade wallhangings.

The royalty of incents Nag Champa.



It's quite cold here in Delhi. We had to dress warm before we went out.Nicholas got a haircut today. Finally!
We eat dinner at a street restaurant. Nice and cheap. Just over 1 Euro for all three of us.
We have a wedding going on right under our hotel window. It's very late and the bride hasn't showed up yet.



Today I went shopping with some friends from home. They've been to an ayurveda retreat in Kerala for three weeks and are going home tomorrow.
Leya going with a riksha for the first time.

We shopped new bags.

Carina and Lotta with vintage sarees.


Finally here

More than seven hours late we arrived to the hotel.
We slept a few hours and eat dinner at the hotel restaurant.
I must say it's different to come here during Indian winter. 15 degrees and like a normal summerday in Sweden, they are dressed with large beanies and shawls.