Wedding surprise dance show

Our landlord's son's best friend got married a few days ago and for weeks they had been practicing a surprise dance show for him and his bride.
Leya was asked to participate and since she loves to dance there was no question about it.
The whole family has been under the weather the last week because of a stubborn fever, but Leya went all in, as the brave girl she is.
Here are Nicholas and I with the happily married couple at the Military Club in Kathmandu.
It was a party we'll all remember for it's excellent food.
Leya wasn't well, but she was determent to perform.
Leya and friends.
Here you can watch the whole show.


Noel's Bartabanda

The second most important event in a Hindu man's life, after the marriage, is the Bartabanda.
The boy goes through lots of rituals and it all ends up with a huge party.
He shaves his head and leaves a small tuft of hair on the top-back of his head.
After this celebration the boy is allowed to get married. That's what it's basically about.
Adorable girls! Leya is wearing a traditional Sherpa dress.
Here is Noel, the man of the hour.
They even had face painting for the kids.
The food was amazing! First we eat snacks for three hours and then we had the actually dinner. We were so full we rolled home (in a taxi).
We brought our new friend Cata from Costa Rica to experience a real Nepalese party with 700 guests.