New Year greetings from us

New years cake

My mothers new years cake is very cool!



Today Leya has been singing on the song Calkutta with Dr Bombay, a swede pretending to be an Indian in the end of the 90's.
Found it on Youtube. It is still terrible, but Leya loves the first 8 seconds.

What is this?

Took a close-up with our new camera to cheque the quality.
I'm very pleased, but what is it?


Canon Ixus 100

We've invested in a new camera, highly recommended by our photographer Christopher.
A Canon Ixus 100 and it's so red and cute.

Now we will take photos of our products in nice Indian locations.


Indian schoolbus

How about this schoolbus?

A bit cold if it had been in Sweden during winter.

The new barn

My father has built a new barn for the cows. The building is his pride and joy.
There are nice areas for the staff and veterinary.

A feature from the old barn.

The cows feeding place.
The old barn will be demolished next year. I think it's a pitty in such an old heritage, but it cost too much to renovate.



These pictures are especially for you that live in a warm environment.
I envy you! Snow, cold and stormy weather is not my favourite!
Alfwin, my sisters son, the Snowman and Leya.

Leya goes down the small hill on the plastic sledge.Leya covered in snow.

The four pretty little sisters

Here comes a Christmas greeting from our babies!

Santa anno 2009

This years Santa looked like a clown in the face and the smallest children were terrified.


The move

Our home and storage is in total chaos and Nicholas and I have break downs every other minute, but soon everything is where it should be.
I will make it up to you in a couple of days!


TV in Hungary

This week our Prana nail mat was shown on national TV in Hungary.
Fast forward to 30 min. and there is a woman with dark hair and brown dress talking about acupressure.
They are not allowed to send commercial in this channel, but our whisper white mat with black nails are shown many times and she is also talking about Prana as the life energi.
I'm so proud!

See the program here.


Enamel bowls

I love enamel! I remember the beautiful colours when making enamel in school.
Nostalgic, but yet modern.


Kings of Convenience

Heard the fantastic duo Kings of Convenience today.
Love the rythm, smooth singing and heavenly guitar play.

Listen here.


Today we buried Albin.
It was sad because he was so pretty, but his body never had soul so it felt ok anyway.

Tired stepfather

Yesterday Micki was really tired after all the drama with his babies. He fell aslepp on Nicholas side of the bed.



Our forth and last puppy and yet another dady's little girl.


So pretty, but stillborn.


Since Pranamatte threaten to take further actions regarding my earlier post I've erased it. Instead I let you readers decide for your self.


Aina the pirate is puppy no. 3.

Wednesday is tired, but there is still one to deliver.


Puppy no. 2 Astrid.


Alva is the first puppy.


Now our Wednesday is in labour. I'm sitting on the floor at mom and dad's, next to her. She is gasping, shivering and bedding like a maniac, but the pushing hasn't started quite yet.



Yesterday I spoke to Mona that was adopted from India when she was 7 years old.
She was brought up at Mother Teresa's orphanage in Kolkata and New Delhi.
Mona met Mother Teresa a few times and she remembers her as a nice, old lady.
But the orpanages was loveless and they were beaten several times a day.
She didn't even have a name. Of course Mother Teresa didn't know about all the bad things.
Today Mona is 40 years old and a woman full of positiv energy living for her family, dance and her shop full of masquerade clothes.
During my childhood I heard a lot about Mother Teresa and all her good deeds. If possible I would like to go to Kolkat when we are staying in India.


Lovely yarn

Today we received the yarn made of recycled saree fabrics. They are absoloutely fantastic!
If you are interested please let me know!

Hotel Ajanta

I can recommend Hotel Ajanta when you travel to New Delhi. Very cheap, clean, good restaurant and nice staff.
It's close to the city center and markets and they offer free airport pick-up. Since the European flights normally arrive in the middle of the night the pick-up is great.


Air ticket

Now I've booked our tickets to India. We leave the 7:th of January and arrive at 4 o'clock in the morning the 8:th.
We travel with Turkish airlines and make a short stop in Istanbul.
New Delhi, here we come!

Beautiful day

Today it's absoloutely fantastic weather. About -2 and sun.
A beautiful winter day.
Leya and I took a lovely walk in the forrest with our dogs.


Onsdag's tummy is really hanging now and the babies are kicking like crazy.
I guess there are three puppies.
Only one week left. Very exciting!



Leya loves the TV program Horseland. If you are 3 years old and love horses this is a great program for you. But I don't like the way the girls and boys are presented. The boys are bossing the girls and the girls are talking about spas and manicure, they gossip and are mean to each other.
Not good at all, but tell that to a 3 year old!



In this no. of the Swedish magazine Hälsa (=Health) there was a survey made on 12 nail mats and our Prana got a 4 out of 5, the highest grade given.
We are very happy about that!

Christmas lights

On our street in Eskilstuna there is a house that has Christmas lights everywhere from the first Advent.
It's fantastic!


Daddy Tage

Today we visited sweet Tage and his family. Since Onsdag's delivery is soon we wanted to meet, but Onsdag was not happy to see him at all.
Not a loving couple. More like a long time married couple.


Horse whisperer

It's a huge horse show taking place in Stokcholm this weekend and I just saw this remarcle man showing his horses. See for your self here.
Jean-Francois Pignon

Like the commentator said: "Once you've seen this you will never forget it."

Christmas presents

Why don't you give your loved ones a designed shower curtain or a nail mat for Christmas present.
You order, we send it and you don't have to stress from shop to shop.
Sweet roses - www.ilmaofsweden.com
Amber glow - orange - www.prananailmat.com.


Shame on you UPS!

I'm really disappointed at UPS.
Their service is lousy.
I'm tired of hearing: "We can't help you."
Tell the truth instead. You are not interested in having small and poor customers.
I promise. I will never be like that!



Today we are going to Stockholm for a two-day market. Indoors, luckily, since the rain is pooring down.


Have you seen Andy?

I just saw this touching documentary and I still have tears in my eyes.
If it was up to me every pedofil would be sent to Sibiria to forced-labour camp for the rest of their pitiful lives.

Read more about the woman who made the film here.

More furnitures

Nice designed furnitures: