Noel's relatives

Noel's aunt Isabel and his cousin Sameer paid us a visit.


Our first family

Our first family from England: Suzie, Elly and Faith.And Owen playing with the Lego.The kids are playing with Leya.
They got time of from school for this trip so they are doing a project of their experiences to show in school.
They love the Lego, Nicholas' icecream milk shakes and lollipops.

Leya's Café in Delhi


We have decided to close on Mondays a few weeks ahead.
All this is new to us and Nicholas needs to gather new energy and do shopping and other stuff he can't do during working days.



Pato from Spain is our first guitar playing guest.He borrowed the guitar this evening to play at India gate and promote our café.
Is there something magic in the coffee that makes our guest want to help us?


The sign is up!

Isn't it fantastic!


Leya and Lucy

Noel, our waiter, has a cute puppy named Lucy and when he is working we are puppy sitting.

The sign

Orly is painting a beautiful, personal sign to Leya's Café.Finished! We are so happy about it!Then Ben and John helped us to put it up.
Our guests are so sweet and helpful!


Marlene from France has travelled around Asia for the last nine months and has no desire to go back to France.



This is beautiful Orly from Australia/Israel.
She's an artist and have painted her way around India. She has happily agreed to paint a sign above our entrance.
We are so excited!

The waiter Noel

Noel our savior! He will start studying again in August, so I think we have to bribe someone so he don't get admitted anywhere in India.
He's a star and we want to keep him!

Stuart and Queenie

Hilarious friends, Stuart and Queenie from UK. Not a dull moment there!
They are here to buy things for the festival and market season.

Johan and Ashley

John and Ashley from Los Angeles. They saw Leya riding on the white horse the other day and they were happy to see that the map on our business card was correct.
Ashley has such a cool basket as a handbag. When she comes home she will go grocery shopping with the basket on her head. She's looking forward to the reaction.


Our French guest, Cindy, was kind enough to try on a dress for our Master ji.
If anyone wants to make their own clothes we have the tayloring unit next door.


Leya riding

I thought it was time to market the café a little bit more, so I rented a horse for Leya to ride on.
She rode all the Main Bazar road and people just loved it.
Even tourists wanted to take her photo.
Leya was amazingly calm and managed to keep her princess smile and wave all the way to the café.


Sophie from France is coming to India twice a year. Every time she goes to Kashmir to design textiles.
This time she got a few days in Delhi before going home, so hopefully we will see more of her.


Catmoss model

Finally Leya's picture is up at the Catmoss shops.
They are so cute!


Our first sign is up!


We already have so great and friendly guests!
This Singapore bunch has been to a friends wedding here in India and now Michael is going to Amritsar, Aning is going back to Singapore to work tomorrow and Joon is going to Leh in Ladakh.

Free WiFi

Now we have the WiFi installed!
The modem is already a little moody. I think we have to give him a waffle or two to keep him happy.



I found this fabolous guitar in an alley somewhere in Main bazar.
I wish I could play, but it's for the café.


Hookah is very popular at the moment and we want to be a trendy place, so I've bought these two beautiful ones.Hookah flavours: Cherry, Strawberry, Lemon and Apple.
Tobacco free to be enjoyed outside in our little backyard Paradise.Our hookah man gave us this mini incense holder as a gift to the café.
So sweet!

Silk yarn

Today we received this fantastic recycled silk yarn.
We are going to ship it to Sweden to one of our customer that is opening a new shop.Got two hanks of this new type of yarn with bits of silk sari fabric.
I'm going to make something beautiful from that.



Got this mug from our new Italian friends.
Do you know why?
Because Nicholas and I got married in Rome the 25:th of July, also my birthday, in 2003.
So romantic!Durga and Gabrella also donated some toys to our kids corner.
So sweet!


Italian origin Durga, in her black dress and dark hair, and her mom have stayed at the hotel and been eating breakfast at the café for two mornings now.
Durga is a baba/sadhu and is married to an Indian sadhu and everywhere they go they have troubles finding a hotel where they can stay together.
Read more about beeing a sadhu here.
Mom Gabrella is visiting for the annual tantric festival in Assam.
Very interesting to hear about when they return in two weeks.


Yesterday Siegert Vlaemynck delivered his much wanted icecream.
Vanilla, Nutella and Chunky Straciatella.
Perfect for the Swedish waffles and Ice cream milk shakes.
He is going back to Belgium on thursday for a couple of months.
I'm a little bit jealous. Delhi is just too hot at the moment!



Angel's first mom, Sohini Mazumder, came with her brother Soham to see how much Angel has grown.
Angel recognised them both with happy jumps and kisses.

Gaby and her friends

And then came Deepraj Danaikaj, Norbu T Bhutia, Lochan Gukung and Gaby. They really loved my interior design. Thanks guys!
But they missed a guitar, so I promised I will get one to next weekend.


Sohini Mazumder, our dog Angel's first mom, came with her brother Soham Mazumder and their friend Sonmitra Mondal.
They loved the Swedish waffle with strawberry jam and vanilla icecream.


Leya and Nicholas are dancing between the customers.

Outdoor bed

For lazy days at the café! I love the lantern in the tree.
So cozy in the evening!


We have a garbage war with the old lady across the street. Here you can see that she has swept her garbage to our side.
Apparently her kids have left her there since she is so mean. Unusual for India, I must say.


Gaby and her friends decided to rescue this puppy from the street. Her name is Lucy and she is so cute!


My handsome husband is dressed for success!

Our first regular

Our first regular guest, Tomas Heulot from Romans in France.
He is travelling with his super cool bike and is on the way to Ladakh in the Himalayas.

The menu

The present menu.
Breakfast.Subs and toasts.Lunch and dinner.Lunch and dinner page two.The finally.
Pastries and drinks.