Today I made pancakes and it's just as fun as watching paint dry, but I turned around from our outdoor kitchen and watched the sunset hitting the snow covered Himalaya mountains so the snow glowed like gold.
At once the life felt much better.
I've borrowed this picture, but a cute couple like this you could meet anywhere here in Nepal.


A white rat

Friends of ours have a white rat and it's strange to see a rat being treated like a family member in this part of the world.
We are used to kill rats in Delhi, but this one was really cute.
I had no idea that holding a rat could make Leya this happy.


Dear mom

Today it's my dear mom's 65:th birthday and this is the normal year to retire in Sweden, but she retired last year already.
I wish we could email us to her just for the day.


Spring cleaning

Today we did the annual spring cleaning and it's great when it's finished.
Spring cleaning is not my favorite occupation, so I'm glad it's only spring once a year.


Party at the temple

There is some kind of party going on at our neighbor temple and they are singing so loud it's almost unbearable to be home.
They've been singing for a couple of days now. I hope it's over soon!


My book is finished!

I've finally finished writing my book about our life in India.
It's crazy and funny and I've sent the manuscript to a few publishers, so fingers crossed my friends all over the world, that someone will publish it!



Behind our flat, on a roof sticking out under our windows there are doves sleeping during the night.
It's very cozy listening to their sounds when going to sleep.
Here they have some kind of meeting. Maybe they are discussing next weeks child care schedule.


Fresh air

We are so lucky to live here in Nepal, because we are outside breathing fresh air all day.
When living in Sweden you live your life mostly indoors because of the cold weather.



Today we went to Mina and her factory.
She started her business with 40 000 rs and a small shop 20 years ago and today she runs a large factory and has built a beautiful house to her family.

She has a huge stock and is willing to sell it of to a good price.
This is one of her eight dogs, Bono.


The Goddess Saraswati

Today we celebrated the Hindu Goddess Saraswati at Leya's school.
Saraswati stands for knowledge, music, art and science.
See photos here.


Support Tibet!

Yesterday a Tibetan monk set himself on fire at the Buddhist stupa Boudha nath in Kathamdnu in protest of the Chinese occupation.
He died yesterday evening.
Read more here.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Today we celebrated Valentine's day with a yummy dinner.

Tandoori chicken, garlic naan bread and pasta bolognaise.


I'm back!

Long time, but now I'm back!
This week we celebrate the Chinese New Year and Losar, the Tibetan New Year.
I went with Leya and Eva to Boudhanath, a world in heritage visited by many Buddhist pilgrims, to celebrate Losar.