Fritz unt Axel

My dear friend Alex in knitted garments from Nepal.
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Mom Sweetie's birthday

Yesterday it was Mom Sweetie's birthday and we celebrated with a big cake and our big, lovely family.
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Yesterday we went to see the Handicraft exhibition.
Many new products for us to sell!
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Beli's engagement party

Yesterday we celebrated Beli's engagement with her boyfriend, who lives in London.
Beli is my Nepalese sister and Mom Sweetie's niece.
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Leya's birthday

Friday it was Leya's 6:th birthday and we celebrated all day.
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Now the festival Diwali is over for this year.
It's been great celebrating with our Nepali family.
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This morning we worshiped the cow and put the bracelet we got from holy men in August, around the cow's tail.
So now we go straight to heaven.

Dog puja

We celebrated the dogs yesterday, but Eva's mom, my Nepalese sister, came and worshiped them this morning.
A marigold necklace, red tikka in the forehead and bread as a treat.


Happy Tihar!

Today we start the celebration of Tihar, or Diwali in India, the festival of light.
Read more about Tihar here.
Today we celebrate the crow and the dog.


Watching movie

Leya and her friends are watching the Swedish movie "Ronja Rövardotter".

Christmas sale

Now we are busy with orders for the Christmas sale in Sweden.
Nicholas is buying felted slippers and bags.

Our dogs

Now it's only 5 degrees during the night, so our sweet dogs are warming us.
Leya and Kale are so cute when they are sleeping.


Christmas hearts

Love these Indian handicraft hearts. Click here for more photos.


Christmas angels

I love these cute felted Christmas angels. We sell these!