Royal photo album

Please see my Royal photo album from the wedding.


Live photos from the church

Beautiful dress

Sarah Dawn Finer had a beautiful dress yesterday when she sang at the royal event.
Peacock colours are so beautiful!

The royal wedding live!

Please join us today when our crown princess Victoria is marrying her belowed, man of the people, Daniel.
At about 3.30 PM +1 CET the wedding cermony starts in the church in Stockholm.
Follow the fantastic event live here.


Royal concert live

Tomorrow our crown princess Victoria is marrying her belowed Daniel, a man of the people, and tonight there is a concert in their honor. Watch it live here.


Nettles attack

Our little princess landed in a bunch of nettles and it hurt a lot.

Temporary chaos

The other day we sorted a lot of things we had kept in storage during our stay in India.
Passing cardrivers stared, but when the evening came the lawn was empty again.Wednesday help the best way she could, by keeping company and resting in the sun.
We made a slide of my granpa's old kitchen sofa top. Very funny!


Summer preparations

Living on the country side in Sweden you have to look for happenings. Compared to India when you just had to walk down the street.
Three oldies and Nicholas is fixing the boat bridge for the summer.
Leya is watching over the work in a baby pink outfit.
Finished after half an hour, so now we are just waiting for the boats to be put in the lake.



Leya was really tired the other day and fell asleep on two high chairs.


Saga (Fairy tale)

One of Onsdag's (Wednesday's) puppies droped by. Her name is Saga and she is so cute.