Easter party

Yesterday we celebrated Easter with family and friends.
We had a fantastic day!
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Happy Easter!

I wish you all a pleasant evening together with family and friends.
Tomorrow we'll have a party here on our terrace with painting on eggs, sausages and fishing in fish pond.
A photo of Leya from last year's Easter celebrations.


The International Women Conference

Leya and I went to the conference in the afternoon.
See photos here.
Then I interviewed the woman from Afghanistan who fights for women's rights with danger for her life.
She revealed things about US you will never read about in any newspaper.
When the article is finished I'll let you know.


Holi Festival of Colors

Today we celebrated Holi here in Nepal. By we I don't mean all of us. I hid indoors all day while it was a water war among the houses, including our house.
I think you either have to be young or drunk to appreciate this.


International women conference

Today I went to the first day of the international women conference organized by the Swedish left wing political party, Vänsterns Internationella Forum and the local organization All Nepal Women Association.
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Indian baby Zoya

This is Zoya Eshwar, our Indian friends Stalin and Geetha's beautiful grand daughter.
She is sooo cute!!!


Swedish visitors

Last week we had four Swedish friends visiting us.
Åsa and Fidde are working with charity in India and they came to Nepal for the first time and they just LOVED it.
One of the projects they work with is Sahara.
Read more here.

Marianne visited us for the third year in a row and she also loves Nepal. She visited Nepal the last time 30 years ago and Kathmandu has developed from a medieval city to a quite modern one.

A friend to Åsa and Fidde, Anna a tourist guide living in Goa came to renew her visa and Friday evening we had a party on our terrace since it was the last night before they went back to Delhi.


School picnic

Today Leya went on her first school picnic and she was double happy.
First she was happy for the trip and second her first tooth fell out when she brushed her teeth this morning. So now we hope the tooth fairy finds her way here.
A Cinderella dress is a must for a school picnic.


Business visa

Yesterday we finally got our business visa.
After 3 years of struggling with short term tourist visas this is just fantastic and we are so happy.



I've posted some videos of Leya and Eva at YouTube as NepalSisters and the Nepalese people are amazed that Leya speaks such a perfect Nepali.
Alina, a 23 year old women has adopted Leya and all of us as her family and she is a sweet girl studying and working with media.
She wants to make a series of episodes with NepalSisters.
Click here for the first episode.


My latest project

Click here.


I can't believe it, but suddenly I enjoy eating spicy food.
During my childhood mom only used salt and pepper in the food, so taking the step to actually liking spicy food is like landing on the sun for me.
Amazing that the body can change that much.


Strike season

A friend of ours with black humor says it's strike season and we can only agree.
One day the kids are free from school and the next they are going. Soon the strikes will be mixed with festivals, like the International Women's day on Friday and the big Shiva festival on Sunday.
Lucky we are not as Swedish as the Nepalese Parent-school organization that demands school fee back for the days the kids can't go to school.
I just say. "Relax! There is always a new strike coming up."



Leya has got a new big sister.
Her name is Alina and she is 20.
Watch her sing here.
So cute!



Today it's strike and we are happy we don't have a schedule job we have to go to.
Strikes are rarely planned and most of the time we have no idea why they are striking.
So the kids got one more free day this week. No point in going "Swedish" about it since they go to school six days a week and that is frankly one day more than necessary.



Our sweet Nani was so sick yesterday that we thought she was going to die.
We thought she had got puppy disease. That is very serious with a 50/50 chance of survival.
I was so angry with myself for not taking her to the vet for vaccination. I was going to, but something came up.
The vet came last night to our house and according to him the temp was very high. He said that she didn't have the puppy disease, but was frightened and in a fever shock from a dog fight, I remembered from the day before. Apparently it's possible for animals to be so frightened that they get really sick.
Yesterday he gave her a shot to lower the fever and today he came back to give her a shot full of vitamins.
He vaccinated Angel and Kalee and as soon as Nani is well enough she will be vaccinated too.
Thanks Brahma for letting our baby stay with us!


My Stand Up

Now I'm really angry!
How can you call Nepal a democracy when the police rounds up 711 youths because they have a different hairstyle or an earring? This is a serious invasion on the personal integrity and is not preventing robberies or hooliganism.
By forcing them to cut their hair just add to the alienation to Nepal already felt by many young people in Nepal.
Having long hair has nothing to do with being a criminal. The government should sweep in front of their own door before taking this awful, in my point of view, criminal action.
I support you guys! Keep your hair growing!
Read more here.