Birthday party

This evening we went to my mother in law, Britt-Marie, in Stockholm and celebrated her birthday.
She's a lovely, single lady looking for a youngish gentleman to dance and have fun with.

Nicholas, his brother Johan's wife Monica, their daughter Melina, Johan and a happy Leya.

Britt-Marie's friends Ulla, Ann-Marie and Gun cutting the cake.

Victoria, crown princess of Sweden

I'd like to present the members of our royal family.
I love fairytales about the prince and the princess who lived happily forever and ever in their big beautiful castle.
This summer our queen to be, Victoria, is going to marry the man of the people, Daniel.
Our princess and Daniel are now engaged and whenevery you see them together they seem very much in love.


I've had a cold for more than two weeks and now Nicholas and Leya are sick too.
When is it going to end?


My life part 3

My father grew up in an apartment in Örebro with his parents Carl-Ivar and Greta and his older siblings Monika and Lars-Ivar.
His childhood was tough in another aspect than my mothers.
My granfather was a director running a successful typwriter business. He was a hard man that used to beat them and be unfaithful to my grandmother.
He left the family when my father was about 8 years old and moved to Gothenburg where he started a new family.
My granmother was a bitter and smothering mother, still is today 97 years old, so the children left the home as soon as they could.
My father grew up wanted to be a farmer so he began in the same class as my mother.
Mom was one of two girls in the class and my father was the only boy without his own farm ...

This wasn't mom's farm, but it would have been cool if it had been.

Hitler's cranium

Hitler's saved cranium belongs to a woman, says scientists.
Well, whereever he and his head is, I hope he suffers badly to the moon and back for ever and ever.

Jewellery from the 80's

This autumn neon jewellery from the 80's seems to be popular again.


My life part 2

My mother Yvonne was born and raised on a farm in the southeast of Sweden about 20 km from a town called Kalmar.
Her fathers name was Henry and her mothers name was Wera. When she was 6 years old a baby sister, Ann-Kristin, was born.
Grandma was sick a lot and when mom was 12, granma went to hospital for treatment of an aggresive cancer. My mother had to take care of my grandfather, who started to drink, her sister, all the animals, the farm, cooking and cleaning.
It was a tough childhood, but she managed to pass school and started to study agriculture at a bording school in the south of Sweden.
In the same class was my father ...

Not my father, but a very popular guy in 1968.


I love Google and use it a lot to find information.
I've noticed that the logo changes every day, but today, when I accidently klicked on it, I realised why.
Click the logo and find out ...

Rice Crispie Cake

The birthday cake this saturday was fantastic! Get the recipe here at the blog Anne's Food. If you are interested in food this is the blog for you!



Do you or anyone you know have some experience from doing business in Africa? If so, is it common that they demand "gifts", or should I be frank and say bribes, to seal the deal.

Cough in the hand

I can't believe that people still cough in their right hand. Media is talking about the flue every day and how to avoid to be sick.
Coughing on the inside of the arm should be basic knowledge from childhood.
A big no, no!
A big yes, yes!


It's funny to translate swedish towns directly to english. Like Vadstena where my sister lives. Vad=Calf and stena=stone, Calfstone. It makes no sense at all!
Calfstone castle

Birthday party

It was a great party! A fantastic smorgas bord, cake and entertainment.
It's only 12 am and we are already back at my parents home in bed for the night. It's a tough life being a parent.
Magnus and one of the younger guests.

Of course we gave him the shower curtain that is named after him, Magnus, and a stress reliefing Prana nail mat.


Party for a 40-year old

Now we are going to my sister Tess ex husband Magnus' party to celebrate him turning 40, the old chap. Next year it's my turn so I'd better be nice.
Looking forward to good food and my favourite drink, Coke.

My life part 1

Now I'll start to tell you the story of my life from the beginning. A serial story that is both exciting and ordinary.
To understand my life I will start to tell you about my parents ...


The nail mat has changed my life!
I used to have headaches often and for long period of times. A week or two was common and I had to eat medicin several times a day to function in my daily life with work and family.
I still have headaches for half a day once a month or so, but that is nothing compared to my life before the nail mat.
And I'm saving a lot of money since the migraine medicin is very expensive.



Today it was windy, but nice and warm for being in the end of september. Nicholas and Leya is fishing in Vättern.
They cought a small fish and threw it back.


Before and after

We are on the way to my parents house in Askersund, about 120 km from home. On the way we stoped at Nicholas former hairdresser.
The first hairdresser I've met that is completely silent through the whole cutting. A little bit different I must say.


I like my husband with newly cut hair.

Anna Anka

Have you heard about Anna Anka, Paul Anka's wife? She is from Sweden and at the moment a participant of the documentary "Swedish Hollywood wifes".
Read more about her here. It's like a comedy!
Taddaa! The Ankas.


Prana website

The english website is ready to visit, www.prananailmat.com.


This is an amazing and speaking picture of an fakir resting after a long day. He seems completely relaxed and at ease. If it wasn't for the long, sharpe nails I would gladely take his place.

Hungary and Rumania

We have agents in Hungary and Rumania selling our Prana nail mat. We are very happy about that!
They have already managed to get airtime on one of the most popular talkshows in both countries. Take a look at this film and you can get an idea of the program.
The super popular hostess Barkó Judit is like an Hungary Oprah.


Our house is sold

Our house is now sold and tomorrow we are going to the real estate agent and sign the contract. After new year we are moving to India for a few months. Than it's very easy for me to purshase anything you need.