Dalai Lama

Yesterday I received this message:

Dear Annie Nero,
Thank you for your gift of Prana nail mat, which was presented for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Your thoughtful gesture is much appreciated.

A solace for the soul after a tough day!
I admire Dalai Lama. He seems like a very nice man and best of all, he seems content with his life.


Yesterday I was so tired emotionally.
I am a warrior and I can't accept wrongdoings made by people that have power, but are less human beings than any animal walking on this earth.
Our worker B., asked me not to act, since it would give him more problems and since I respect him a lot, I stayed silent. Even if it was against my nature and all I believe in.
They apparently knew I was on the way since they moved the appointment to today and I had a message from the police on my email, asking if I wanted to make a complaint.
My answer was that I couldn't make a complaint since I feared that B.'s life would be in danger. No reply to that.

But! There are Angels walking on this earth. A man who has two shops in Main Bazar came to B.'s rescue in prison, gave him a job, when he is not working for us, and a place to stay.
This Angel, Mr O., didn't know our worker personally, but he is now protecting B. and we don't have to worry about his safety anymore.
Thank you God!

Leya, dressed in the colors of India orange, green and white, got attention even from tourists who wanted to take her photo.



Right now, at this moment. I hate India and the corruption.
We have a nice man working for us. Since we are moving to Nepal we need someone we can trust here in India.
He is very bright, polite and is studying at college.
Yesterday the police took him to jail because he was talking to some friends in Main Bazar.
They took all his money, some is ours, and his phone, that we bought for him.
The police say they do this actions to protect the tourists, but the truth is that they do it just to fill their own pockets.
The police, all over the world, are meant to protect and serve the people.
I hate corruption and I will tell them in their face!


Sewage bath

Today Angel fell down in the sewage when she was playing with her friends.
She was covered in a disgusting mud, but fortunately our neighbor have a water hose outside, so I didn't have to drag her all the way through the flat to our bathroom.


Next to our house they use to light up a little fire in the evening and Leya and I use to sit there and watch the frozen people coming and going.
Mostly they are Nepalese men walking around selling blankets and big carpets, so we have the opportunity to try the few Nepalese words we've learned.
A cozy and nice way to say thanks to another day in our life.

Happy Republic Day

Today we are celebrating Republic Day here in India.
I borrowed this photo from internet, since we stayed at home.
It's a parade on the big street between the Parlament and India Gate.



A beautiful wooden mirror.

Furniture factory

Lovisa, from Sweden, came to India to buy furniture and we visited our furniture supplier in Saharanpur, six hours by car single way, north of Delhi, on the bumpiest road ever.

Loft bed

Leya and I stayed in a hotel in Pahar Ganj, Delhi, for two nights and the room had a loft bed that Leya loved.When we were checking out Leya cried and refused to leave the bed.
It took some convincing before I could make her let go of the bed.


So tired

Yesterday we went 12 hours in car on a very bumpy road, so today we are really tired.
Back home in bed already.
I will update you tomorrow.



I have a terrible cold and tomorrow Leya and I are going to our old neighborhood to stay in a hotel for two nights.
Tomorrow evening we will meet up with Lovisa, a Swedish customer, interested in furniture. So on Monday we are going to our furniture supplier in Saharanpur.
About four hours drive with car. They say we have a bumpy ride ahead of us.


Yesterday we had a most welcome visit from our nail mat agent in Argentina, Fran.
We met in Delhi more than a year ago and it was so nice to finally meet him again.
Nicholas made a delicious dinner and Fran and I took our time to talk about religions and philosophy.
As always a very stimulating conversation!


Cute baby

On Facebook there are a lot of nice and funny pictures circulating.
I just had to share this cutie with you.



I bought good quality crocs for Leya today.
I'm tired of cheap shoes that breaks after a few days.
She was so happy and grateful for the Princesses.


Today Leya and I visited a friend who lives in Gurgaon with her family.
They have a small, but peaceful garden with lovely plants, statues and blue furniture, my favorite blue shade.
A heavenly mix!


Tricia Guild

I love Tricia Guild's designs!
She actually manages to combine colors with white in a way that works for us who loves colors and for people who loves white and shabby chic.

Life Positive Expo

I can also recommend the Life Positive Expo here in Delhi next weekend.
More info here.

Yoga conference

I want to go to the Yoga conference in Bangalore in February.
Read more about it here.



Nicholas has told me about a bat attacking him at night when he is outside smoking.
Today he told me that the bat only does his fly overs on Saturday nights.
Maybe the bat is working hard during the week days and scaring Nicholas for fun is his weekend relaxation.

Today's catch!

This sweetheart accidentally bumped into Nicholas in the living room last night.
I wonder who was most afraid. Frankly, I'd guess Nicholas.
Now he is happily running around on a dump.
The rat that is, not Nicholas. He is watching football.


Our fridge seem to be alive again. Mysterious!


Today Nicholas bought a chicken for dinner and it was some guts left, so I had a biology lesson for Leya about the heart, lungs and other vital organs.
Nicholas was not amused, but Leya was as curious as only kids can be.


By the way ...

Have I told you that we are moving to Nepal in March?

A simple life

I've also learn to enjoy the simple things in life.
Today we went to the neighbor street and I had two puppies sleeping in my lap, Angel was playing with her friend Johnny, Leya was playing badminton with a boy who lives in the street and the sun was shining just perfectly.
At that time I enjoyed life enormously.

Think positive

After 5,5 years since my massive breakdown I have worked hard to see positive on life.

Today's issues to handle:

1. The fridge is broken.
Lucky it's winter and as cold indoors as in a fridge.

2. Nicholas' computer is broken again even though we have repaired it four or five times the last months.
Lucky we at least have one computer.

3. I have to pay a large amount of personal taxes in Sweden in March.
Lucky it's only January and a lot can happen in two months.

PS! This is not irony.


Dog killers

Yesterday I yelled at a boy that hit a dog very hard with a stick over the back. I was furious!

Today I saw an old van that looked like a prisoners van, but on the side it said something about dogs and I saw two men getting in the van with long sticks with ropes meant for catching dogs.
I realized immediately it was a government van going around the city to catch and kill street dogs.
I ran into the van och there sat five chocked men. I tried English, but no one understood and then I said dog in Hindi, one of the few words I manage, and they said No, so I assume the people in Dwarka Mor was warned and hid the dogs.
Very good!

Yoga clothes

I've got an assignment to design clothes to an international growing yoga company.
I'm so excited!


Sponge cake

Today Leya made her first sponge cake.
Homemade sponge cake is a traditional Swedish cake.
As you can see in the background we have a pet baby gorilla.


Stock sale of furnitue!

Our furniture supplier needs to clear his warehouse, so he is selling these top notch quality furniture to good prices.
I have more photos if you want to see.
Interested! Email me at nero@ilmaofsweden.se for more info.



Our coconut smasher! We love fresh coconut!



Yesterday I met Shivachittam and showed him the Prana nail mat.
Very exciting!
Read more about his activities here.

A dead rat

A very proud Angel just after killing a huge rat on my side of the bed.
Rats are not my favorite animal.



Today Leya and I visited the office of LifePositive magazine that has an edition of 120 000 magazines every month.
Hopefully they will write an article about Prana nail mat. Keep your fingers crossed!
Read the netmagazine here.



Leya in vintage/recycled sari heaven!
Talk about all the women's energies flying around in this room. Love it!


Banana leaf fiber yarn

Tara, one of my Nepalese sisters, are selling this cool yarn made of banana leaf fibers and is handspun in very remote mountain villages.
Now we have contacted the US market. Keep your fingers they like this different yarn.


Angel is playing

This is heartwarming moment for a mothers, to see your baby dog playing and having fun with her friends.
The puppies are just watching their mom and dad running like crazy.

One more

The second party popper we were smart enough to launch outdoors.

Party popper

Pure happiness after a party popper full of glitter and glamor.