Google of the day


This weekend we'll have a sale in our storage.
Hopefully there will be a lot of people coming. We have a lot of things to offer!


Pee on the toilet

Since saturday Leya has gone to the toilet and not used diapers more than over night.
I thank the heart stickers we bought last week.
Everytime she'd been going to the toilet she got a heart to put on a piece of paper and I think that encouraged her.


Q Outlet

Today we visited our new retailer Q Outlet in Kungsör, just 20 km from us. They are selling interior design to very low prices.
In Maj they are opening another shop in Jönköping. Just for info if you happen to live there.


Snoring tired

Leya was very tired after two days with grandma in Stockholm.


Spiti is one of our new retailers in Stockholm and we visited them today for the first time.
If you love oriental interior design this is heaven.
Check out their website, it's in swedish, but the pictures says it all. Yummie!


Sunday rest

Today we took a rest from all the hard work. Very needed for both of us!This beautiful painting is made of William-Adolphe Bouguereau 1825 – 1905.


Leya free

We are Leya free for two days.
Nicholas mother in Stockholm takes care of her so we can pack and organise the store for the sale next weekend.
But I miss her!


Drama queen

When Nicholas and I met 8 years ago he was the calm one in our relationship, but now he is the light-hysterica and I laugh when he gets his bursts.
This morning he realised he had forgotten to place the rubbish bin on the street for the every fourth night collect and than he said with a child voice:
"Now the whole day is ruined!"

I promised him to tell you that he wasn't looking for food in the neighbours rubbish bin this morning. He only checked if the truck had been here already. And it haden't so the day was saved!


Caught a cold again

I'm sick and tired of the colds running in our family during the autumns.
Now it's my turn again.
I miss my energi and creative spirit!


Amazing colors

Look at these colorfull pictures. Fantastic craftman ship! Yarn from vintage silk saree fabric fibres. I love it!
Hopefully we can visit them during our stay in India. Only 19 hours drive by car from New Delhi.



This weekend it's the celebration of Diwali in India. Last year I and one of our customers, Louise, was there during the holiday.
It's like new year. You dress up, meet family and friends, eat a lot of food. Firecrackers and small bombs are banging all day long. Very scary!



Now we are going to a store and buy cartons for packing. We have a plan:
1. Throwing away broken things.
2. Sell things usable for others.
3. Pack things we are going to bring to India.
4. Pack things we are going to keep in store here in Sweden.
I tell myself it's going to be easy and fun!


Today we are going out for lunch. We are making this a special occasion just to cheer us up in this gloomy and dark season.
They have a fantastic buffé at Bamboo city and the woman in the cashier is so nice and welcoming.


Google search

Just now a guy called me and he had Googled wholesaler + diaper (in swedish of course) and our company appeared.
After a few minutes of talking we realized the mistake and got a good laugh out of it.
We trade a lot of things, but diaper is not one of them, yet.


Body weight

Yesterday we saw a documentary on TV about weight.
The scientists says that our body has a natural weight, just like hight and shoe size.
I've believed that for years now and I don't care about my love handles.
I love myself and my family loves me. That's all that matters!


Our Hungarian agents friend's dog love to scratch his back and sleep on the nail mat.
Maybe your dog would like that too!



I must say the africans are alert to do business. I have a few contacts, but nothing final yet.
But when I receive my first payment I will see my self as an expert in doing business with Africa.
The business culture is very different and I've had to take some controversal decitions.

If there will be a business trip to Africa I think I'll send my mother. She has always wanted to go to Africa.



Today it's very cold autumn outside. I plan to spend the day infront of the TV with my family.


Amazing yarn

Look at this fantastic yarn! It's hand made of recycled silk saree fabric fiber by rural indian women. Love it, love it, love it!
I'm thinking of stitching garments in India of this yarn too. It will be expensive, but very unique. If you are interested in this yarn or have a stitch pattern you would like to share with me please make a comment. Thanks!


Nobel peace prize

Today they announced that Barack Obama won this years Nobel peace prize.
I think it was a good choice since I have big hopes for this powerful man.

Finally friday!



We want our dog Onsdag to have puppies. We thought our neighbour dog would be a great dad, but he had left town with his owner.
We have just a few days so I was quite desperate to find another dog. I put a sign on our gate that said:
"Wanted! Male dog wanted to make puppies. NOW!"

I had almost given up the hope, when I saw a man standing by the gate. I run out and it was Björn and his Jack Russell Ture. He wanted his dog to be a father and he booked a puppy right away.

Ture is a lovely dog and he stayed at our house all day. He'll be back tomorrow.

500 points

The other day my mother-in-law played bowling and scored more than 500 points. Twice!
Before playing she'd been laying on the nail mat so she thanks the mat. Great!


Book keeping

We are in the middle of closure. Once I loved paper, but not any more.


The Google of the day:

The reason

The reason why I felt the blog coma was that i write this blogg, one in Swedish and then I have a third secret blog. That's why I lack inspiration sometimes.


Blog coma

Today I have a blog coma so I think I need a break for a few days.

Monday morning

Not my favourite day, but maybe a nice breakfast will help.


Alternative cinnamon bun

There is something wrong with our owen so we made alternative cinnamon buns instead.
Very easy to make:
- Toast a bread
- Butter it while it's warm
- Sprinkel suger and cinnamon over the bread and eat

Tom Boy

To my surprise Leya choose the pony Tom Boy.
He is also kind, but a lot faster than Burre.

Fifteen minutes

Soon we are going to the local riding school for Leya to ride a fifteen minute class.
It's great! You don't have to book the class and it's fairly cheap.
Leya's favourite pony Burre.


Match point

Tonight I finally got to see the film Match point directed by Woody Allen.
The film was worth seeing and left a nagging feeling in the stomach.
Scarlett Johansson and Jonathan Rhys Meyers are two of my favourites.

Queen Silvia of Sweden

Our king met his queen at the Summer Olympics in Munich in 1972. He says it was love at first sight. And we understand why.
She is beautiful and has always been a friendly and lovely queen.

Live longer

Who wants to live until they are over 100 years old?
My grand mother is 97 and she has been talking about dying for the last 40 years.
It's better to live a short and fun life than a long and bitter.

The snow is coming!

I don't like snow. Never ever!

Cinnamon buns

Tomorrow we celebrate the day of the cinnamon buns. Nicholas and Leya are baking.
Love to eat them directly from the plate with a large glas of cold milk.
Here is the recipe! Bake same and let us now if you liked it.

Justin Timberlake

Everytime I hear a hit on the radio I like from the start it's Justin Timberlake and I don't even like him. Or do I?

Swedish Idol-Camilla

Yesterday it was the first week final of the new season of the Swedish Idol. Idol-Camilla was far away from the jury favourite, but the Swedish people loved her.
I love an underdog! You go girl!



Now we are going to our small shop and buy potatoe chips with pepper, dip with chili, tuttifrutti sweets and coke.

My favourites at the moment!

The movie about Gandhi

Today is a great day to see the movie about Gandhi's life, with Ben Kingsley playing Gandhi.
The first time I saw it was in highschool when the school had rent the small cinema in my hometown Askersund.
It's a long film, but fantastic and worth every minute!

To rest

To take a rest during the day is a luxury we should allow ourselves more often.
I believe we don't do that in Sweden because we have to be so good and hardworking all the time.