Yesterday Leya climbed on the solar system and the protecting glass broke. She cut her feet and the blood was pouring, so we had to go to the emergency.
There were Gods, Goddesses and Guardian angels watching over Leya.
She ended up with only two stitched wounds.
We feel so blessed and grateful. It could have been so much worse.
This is the life of an adventures child. For good and bad.


Where is Angel?

Trying to sort out the yarn stock. This is only 10 % of the stock.

Our outdoor space

We only have one room, so we have to be ourdoor a lot.
Mornings and evenings are fantastic, but during the day it's too hot.
Nick is washing the dishes.Our dinner: Sausages and a potato salad with cherry tomatoes and red onion.


Sweetie and Angel

My Nepalese mom Sweetie and our Indian street dog Angel are working hard with the banana leaf and silk yarn on our roof terrace.


Bus trip

The bus trip between Delhi and Kathmandu is nothing I recommend if you have other alternatives.
They said it would take 24 hours and it took 44, the road was so bumpy I had bruises all over my left side, it was snow rain up in the mountains, at one time we stood still and waited for hours and it was a bus thief driving.
I was so scared that I feared for my life going on the mountain roads.
We arrived to a sleeping Kathmandu last Friday morning and had some difficulties finding a guest house that accepted a dog.
Of course we had our dog Angel with us.
Finally we found Thamel Guest house and when Kathmandu was waking up to a new day we fell asleep, happy to finally be here.


Video game

My parents has contributed to a video game for Leya and she loves it!
Maybe Nicholas loves it even more. It has old classics like Donkey Kong so he's back to being a teenager again.


Tess and Gerhard

Today we just happened to bump in to Swedish Tess and Irish Gerhard. They are roaming around India.
Tess is flying back home in a few weeks and Gerhard is going to climb to Mount Everest's Base camp.
Cool and crazy!

Green teeth

Today we just happened to see a necklace with the same green yak teeth as Leya colored and sold in her shop outside our house.

Leya, the demolisher

The other day Leya just happened to demolish the wall at a restaurant.
She came jumping from one sofa to another and just put her hand on the wall and one brick after another just fell down.
They were big and heavy so we were busy for a while making sure no one got hurt.
It was poorly done from the beginning.


Happy Holi!

We went out in the street to celebrate Holi and here in Dwarka Mor, a suburb to Delhi, the celebrations are more calm and friendly than where we lived before.
A lovely family in our street invited us for some snacks.
See more photos here.


Holi festival of colors

Tomorrow it's the national holiday Holi festival of colors and today they built fires all over town.
They actually look a bit dangerous with the houses so close.If we decide to go outside tomorrow we might end up like this.
Today I was bombed by three water balloons, so I was not very happy.

Coolest shop ever

Today I came across a very cool shop full of things for masquerades an theaters.
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Sale of branded products: Coral

Simple and beautiful bedspreads and cushion covers from Coral.
Click here for more photos and information.

Ayurveda treatments

If you think the western medicine isn't enough or you have nothing to loose, I suggest you contact the clinic The Arya Vaidya Pharmacy in the south of India.
They combine Ayurveda, ancient medicines, and holistic thinking, body and mind.
And most important, they are not controlled by the chemist industry.
Click here for more information.


Leya's shop

Leya has a shop outside our house selling yak teeth she has painted green.
Price 10 Rs each and so far she has sold a few. Note that we live in a calm street with few passing by.
Well, I can't blame her for not being creative.


Sale: Azure cushion covers

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Sale: Amaara

Bed cover and two cushion covers with traditional Indian patterns.
Click here for more photos and information.