Nicholas is home

Today, finally, Nicholas came home from the hospital. He has an inflammation around his heart, but other than that he is fine.
Medicine and rest for a week with a revisit at the hospital next week.


Heart inflammation

Nicholas got a horrible pain over the sholder and chest yesterday and he couldn't sleep at all during the night, so this morning we went to the hospital.
After a lot of tests it showed he had an easily treated heart inflammation, but he had to stay at the hospital over the night to be monitored.


Animal treatment centre

Leya and I went to the KAT (Kathmandu animal treatment) centre for some volunteer work.
We cuddled with the dogs and that was great for both us and them.


Amazing numbers

This is amazing! They know down to the number how many drug users there are in Nepal.
Since they don't know exactly how many people who actually live in Nepal I find that almost magical.