Nepal is in a phase of strikes, or banda as we call them here.
Building a democracy takes time and writing the constitution from the scratch isn't easy.
There are about 30 different parties involved in this and any party can at any time use strike as a power tool.
The last two weeks it's been strike Sunday and Monday. The kids are home from school and all government facilities are closed.
Like the customs for example and that is a problem when we have shipments leaving Nepal.
The last strike was about what religion to put as the state religion and that is tricky in a country with many religions. Everyone wants a saying about this.
A bigger problem is the violent situation in the district Terai. It's next to the Indian border and the problem is apparently caste related and they have a curfew day time right now to calm things down. A lot of people has been killed in the riots already.
Rumors say it will be a longer strike next time, like 2 weeks or so. This is just insane!
The kids have already been out of school for a long time after the earthquake and people really need to work to get back on their feet.

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