Leya and the vintage sari owner took a ride round the block.

Vintage saris

Today we visited a family selling vintage saris.
Nicholas fell asleep and after he told me that he was amazed over the energy in the room.

Birthday party

Yesterday it was Wania's 6:th birthday.
Her granfather and a friend also celebrated their birthday.
Here are all the kids at the party.Cool cake!


Leya and Wednesday playing football

Tough earrings

Very special and tough earrings for both men and women.
Reminds me of the maori tribe in New Zealand.


Scarf and cap in one piece.
I like the design!



Gigantic cinnamon buns. Only 0,20 Euro per piece!


So cute elevator! Blue roses all over.


Leya in school.


When we go to school at 9 in the morning the trash has been brushed from the street by hand and gathered here, outside the inner city trash station.
There are no dust bins, so everything goes in the street.
It's surprisingly clean at daytime.

School ride

A typical ride to school.
I'm amazed that the school has chosen the color white for their school uniform.
It's so dusty here and these active boys...
I'd say they are dirty within five minutes. Their poor mom's that have to clean all day long.


I love to create new things in vintage sari fabric.
This project is a bit over the top, but you will see when it's completed.



Leya and Nicholas are playing football in our narrow alley.
The football is like a hard plastic balloon, so it explodes quite easy.
It survived today's exercise.


Looking for glittering dresses for a customer.
Leya, of course, wants them all.

Sam's Café

Our new favourite restaurant in Pahar Ganj, Delhi.
After 8 in the evening we can buy a lot of german bakery for almost nothing, so I use to send Nicholas for some yummy shopping.Leya and Nicholas after a pizza lunch at Sam's.


Happy Karva Chauth

Today the hindu and sikh women in the north of India are celebrating the festival Karva Chauth.
They dress in beautiful clothes, fast and perform rituals for their husbands wealth and health.
Read more about the festival here.

The first school day

Leya in the school room for the first time.
She is sitting in the back since the children are screaming prayers and poems very loud.In the nursery they have this bike that sounds like a fart when you are sitting on it.
Leya thought that was very funny!



Leya and our friend Jain, from Manali.
We are going to his family in Jaipur over Diwali.
They are Jain Buddhists and not Zen Buddhists as I thought. A huge difference, but equal exciting to experience.


Leya on the way to school for her first day.Today we registrated Leya at the principal office and she got all the books.
In this school they start writing and reading at 2,5 years.The school room with all the children.Leya swinging outside the nursery.


This very old, big tree is located next to our door.
The houses are built around it and the neighbours puts lights around it.


India Gate

Beautiful India Gate at night with the moon hanging close to the left.

Khan market

Khan market in the embassy area. It was a entirely different atmosphere.
Like walking in the neighbourhood of the TV-serie Friends. Sausages, bacon, cheese. Like heaven for us, but so expensive!
Next time we know more what to buy and we can plan better.

Cinderella dress

Leya's Cinderella dress is ready. She was so excited, but at the same time very shy.
The master taylor was so happy to give her the dress. She also wanted to show the taylor that had made the stitching work.

Wrist bands

I'm making jewelry from recycled sari waste material.These two also have an ancient bell from the gypsy tribe Banjaras.A typical Banjara woman.



Today we had our first thunder storm in this flat.
Not so water proof windows.


Today we ran into Jain that we met in Manali, Himalaya, in march.
We had dinner together and he invited us to his hometown Jaipur for the celebration of Diwali.
They are zen-buddhists so it would be really interesting to go.


Yesterday Leya got a few new dresses and she did some modelling.

Sleeping indians

At night there are groups of men sleeping in the street.


Toilets are not top priority regarding design and cleanness, here in India.


The sample

Birgitta sees her first sample. The taylor has done a great job. Leyas's Cinderella dress in ready.
We will go there tomorrow so the taylor can give her the dress himself.

Sarojini market

Sarojini market. Everyone I bring here just love it! Getting some energy with water and bananas to keep up the shopping spirit.