Beautiful photo

This is Leya's first photo for her portfolio.
Taken by Christina Schneider.


Catmoss ad

We found this ad in today's newspaper.
I've saved it so we can make a painting of it.

Nuria and Alberto

This is Nuria and Alberto from Spain.
They are spending their summer holidays in Indian and are off to Rajasthan in a few minutes, but they will be back in mid August again.
We say Buen Viaje and love to see you soon!
Read their Spanish blog here.
They write about us.


Today's special

Kumar made this delicious pizza with his special tomato-garlic sauce and real Indian Cheddar cheese.Nityananda made this brownie before he went with his friends to a tick tack dance event.
Oh, heavenly mother, it's good!


Tobias and Ida

Tobias and Ida from Sweden.
Ida has been working at an orphanage for a few months and her Tobias came for three weeks during his summer vacation.
Tobias left for Sweden yesterday and Ida goes back to the orphanage tomorrow morning for her last month in India. For this time.

Daniel and Walter

Daniel and Walter from the Netherlands are waiting for their luggage that took it's own rout to India.
As soon as everything arrives they will go to Varanasi and then Katmandu.Andy is showing Walter how to book a train ticket online.
I was so happy when I saw them because that is one of the purposes with our cafe´. We want people to meet and help each other.

Guest baker

Today we had a guest baker, Nityananda.
He is also a masseur, yoga instructor and crystal healer.Apple pie with vanilla sauce.Eggless choclate-banana cake with caramelized apples.


Gabi got a commercial gig about a herbal medicine and they recorded her scene in her living room.Then they asked if I was interested in making a scene about a memory herbal medicine and I said why not.
Maybe I'll never get the opportunity again. It was great fun!


Vintage saris

I put up some beautiful vintage saris with heavy embroidery in the doorway.

Sleeping beauty

This is the way to run a business. The princess is sleeping and we are working.


Monday we celebrated my 41:st birthday and after been woken up with presents we went to the cafe´ for some cake.Then Nicholas had rented a taxi to Saket Shopping mall to see the movie Cars 2, but the info on the internet and the reality didn't match, so we went to TGI Friday and had lunch.Next to the cinema was a tattoo studio and since we had the time I got the tattoo I've wanted for such a long time.
The Buddhist wheel, that is more about my life journey than of religious reasons.
Ended our evening at Hard Rock cafe´ with this cool waiter.


Swedish summer

This is what I miss mostly about the Swedish summer.
My sisters boys are swimming and fishing in the lake.

Andy's travel blog

Follow our regular guest Andy's travel blog here.



Our thoughts and prayers goes to the friends and families of the victims in Norway.
One persons insanity has destroyed millions of peoples lives and believes.
Please join me in a short prayer for love and peace.


Andy and Tang

Andy, with Swedish ancestry, and Tang from Canada.
Andy is going to Manali and Tang has gone to Vietnam to visit friends and family.


Christina from Russia is driving around on her motorbike, living in India since two years now.
She is a graphic designer and is working on our logo and signs.
It's so beautiful and she is doing that for us because she has such a good heart.
We are so blessed meeting these wonderful people!



Our customer Ulsan in Oskarshamn, Sweden, has finally opened her dream shop with a lot of Indian things.


Fried gecko

If you are sensitive, please don't look at the photo.
The other day Nicholas was frying sausages at home and a gecko baby jumped in to the hot oil and died.
Nicholas was so shocked he couldn't speak and he had to throw away the pan and all.
Just a few days before that Gabi scared a gecko on her balcony when she lifted a flower pot so another gecko baby took a jump down on the street and died too.
Besides that Angels seems to love the taste of geckos.



We finally found a waiter, Nepalese Kumar. He has been working as a waiter for many years and he is so good and gentle.


Because of the weather change both Leya and I have had fever.
We also got the bacterial skin infections again, so we went to children's hospital.
New medicines to try.


Delhi Times

Leya and her model friends in a big ad in Delhi Times.


Today it's Leya's first day in school after the summer holidays.