We had a wonderful Christmas here in Nepal with our family and friends.
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Kantha bedspreads

We are selling beautiful Kantha bedspreads, both single and double.
Kantha means long, handmade stitches.
It's ok to buy single piece. The bedspread will be drop shipped to you directly from India.
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Christmas tree

Today we decorated our first Nepalese Christmas tree.
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Fritz unt Axel

My dear friend Alex in knitted garments from Nepal.
Click here to buy from Alex' and Frida's collection.


Mom Sweetie's birthday

Yesterday it was Mom Sweetie's birthday and we celebrated with a big cake and our big, lovely family.
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Yesterday we went to see the Handicraft exhibition.
Many new products for us to sell!
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Beli's engagement party

Yesterday we celebrated Beli's engagement with her boyfriend, who lives in London.
Beli is my Nepalese sister and Mom Sweetie's niece.
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Leya's birthday

Friday it was Leya's 6:th birthday and we celebrated all day.
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Now the festival Diwali is over for this year.
It's been great celebrating with our Nepali family.
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This morning we worshiped the cow and put the bracelet we got from holy men in August, around the cow's tail.
So now we go straight to heaven.

Dog puja

We celebrated the dogs yesterday, but Eva's mom, my Nepalese sister, came and worshiped them this morning.
A marigold necklace, red tikka in the forehead and bread as a treat.


Happy Tihar!

Today we start the celebration of Tihar, or Diwali in India, the festival of light.
Read more about Tihar here.
Today we celebrate the crow and the dog.


Watching movie

Leya and her friends are watching the Swedish movie "Ronja Rövardotter".

Christmas sale

Now we are busy with orders for the Christmas sale in Sweden.
Nicholas is buying felted slippers and bags.

Our dogs

Now it's only 5 degrees during the night, so our sweet dogs are warming us.
Leya and Kale are so cute when they are sleeping.


Christmas hearts

Love these Indian handicraft hearts. Click here for more photos.


Christmas angels

I love these cute felted Christmas angels. We sell these!



Mom and dad are in the south of US, drinking whiskey. They seem to enjoy their trip!



Click here for more photos from our trip to Pokhara.


King's army

Toady we have introduced the Swedish game, Kubb, here in Nepal.
We call it King's army and we believe it to be a hit in both Nepal and India.
This is an outdoor game for all ages.
Leya is a natural and it's not thanks to me.


Stayed home

We never went to Gorkha. Went up at 4.20 am, but when the micro bus came to our stop in was full and they wanted to press in another 10 people.
I refused sitting with Leya in my lap, and a few Nepalese, for hours and hours on bumpy roads going up and down the mountains.



Tomorrow Leya and I are going to Gorkha with our family.
Spontaneous and exciting!


Today Tara gave birth to a baby girl! Congrats!
We are so happy to have a baby in the family!

Bolster cover

Found this amazing bolster cover in Pokhara.



Tomorrow we are going to Lakeside in Pokhara, with our Swedish friends for a few days vacation.

German buffet

Yesterday we ate a delicious German October fest buffet at Radisson Hotel.
Nicholas and Krishna are drinking beer.
Karina and I aimed for the dessert.



Our sweet princesses, Angel and Nani.

Vintage sari pile

Our Swedish visitor, Karina, is now living with us, since her husband is out trekking.
I took out all my saris on the terrace and it was appreciated by both us and the dogs.
Leya and Karina are sitting on the pile.
Karina fell asleep on the saris.


Swedish friends

Today our Swedish friends Karina and Christer are coming to Nepal for the first time.
Karina is originally a Facebook friend and we met the first time she and her daughter came to Delhi in February.
Here they are shopping at Sarojini Bazar in Delhi.


Felted slippers

My sister and neighbor, Beli, is drying felted slippers on her roof top.
A great Christmas present!



I've just started the Facebook page FreelancerNepal.
I hope to get information fast when something happens to tourists here in Nepal.
See the page here.


Vintage sari Kantha bedspreads

We sell these beautiful vintage sari Kantha bedspreads/throws.
Kantha means hand stitched long seams that makes the bedspread more special and unique.
See more photos here.


Today starts Leya's exams at her new school.
Five days and they start with English.


Plane crash in Kathmandu

Friday morning Nicholas woke me up and told me it had been a plane crash here in Kathmandu.
I took a taxi to the accident area and waded over the river to where the plane was located.
It looked like this.
The taxi driver helped me find eye witnesses and I wrote this article.
Plane crash Nepal 28 September

They were excited. Today it was a local football tournament on the other side of the Manohara River, the border between Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, and Bhaktapur.
Early morning, as soon as the sun was up, they crossed the river by foot, in knee high water, to practice.
Aeroplanes regularly fly over their house so it took some time for them to realize that something was wrong.
At 6.12 am local time, a small plane made a left turn over the house and came rushing towards the field where they were playing football.
Rose All Thapa, one of the eye witnesses says:
“We had to run for our lives. It felt as the plane touch our hair, it was that close. The pilot is a hero. He managed to save our house and all the poor peoples tin sheds around our football field.”
They immediately called the police.
“People were still alive after the crash. We couldn’t hear what they were screaming, but we could see that they were making panic gestures, screaming for help. We tried to throw buckets of water from the river on the fire, but it was hopeless.”
Rose is still in chock. He stumbles over the words and tries to recall what happened just a few hours ago.
“It took one hour for the police and the fire department to come and then it was too late.” He and his friends are watching the local news. They can’t believe what they see.
On the screen a massacred bird of prey is shown to the public. As far as the authority knows this bird is the direct cause of the horrific accident that took 19 lives, seven British citizens, five Chinese and seven Nepalese.
Rose says:
“Is it possible for one bird to make a plane crash? I can’t believe it!”
Rose and his friends want to roam around the burnt plane that after a few hours of turbulence is roped off to keep the curious spectators to stay of the ground and destroy evidence.
“I can’t believe we were going to play a tournament here today and instead 19 people died.”

This is Rose, in the blue shirt, and his friends.


Tara's birthday

Happy birthday dear didi Tara!
Only two weeks left and then we'll have a baby in the family.


German newspaper first page

I sold my article and one of the newspaper published my information and photo on the first page. I'm so proud!
It was so exciting sneaking around the hospital looking for the climbers.
For the money, 320 Euro, I will buy us a bed. A nice memory of my first paid article.
Read the second online-paper article here.
I took the photo with Ralf in the hospital bed.


Avalanche in Nepal

Yesterday a horrible avalanche hit the third camp at the world's 8:th highest mountain, Manaslu.
It's still chaotic, but the most injured survivors were flown to a hospital here in Kathmandu.
Today I went to the hospital and got a good talk with a German man in the intensive care.
I've written an article about his experience.
If you know someone working at a German newspaper please get back to me at nero@ilmaofsweden.se.
A survivor.

Vote for Leya!

Please vote for Leya and we have a chance to win money.
It's easy!
Click here and look for this photo with my name Ani Nero. Like the photo and we have your vote.


Car exhibition

Yesterday we visited the annual car exhibition with our friend Krishna, who plans to buy a car.
I think he will buy a Hyundai, but he has to clear it with his wife first.


Teej festival celebrations

Yesterday we went to Pashupatinath with all the beautiful women in our family.
Sadly there was an old, unexplainable tradition that Leya and I wasn't allowed to enter the temple since we are not Hindu by birth.
I had a long discussion with the prominent men in charge and I hope they will change this tradition in the future.
See photos here.


Fashion blogger

A fashion blogger in US has blogged about my dog leashes. Cool!
Click here to read more.


Brought a pool from Sweden and the kids love it.



I'm back after a well needed break from the blog.
We had to go back to Sweden to apply for new passports.
Click here to see our trip to Sweden.