A meeting meant to happen

When we left the airport and Mom Sweetie we went to the dentist, I'm in the middle of the process of a root canal, and suddenly I heard a happy voice in the waiting room calling my name.
Three years ago we met Minna Raj at Pashupathinath, the historical Hindu temple where they do the cremations, (see a post from that meeting here), and we met once more at Boudhanath, the Buddhist stupa.
For all these years I kept her number in my phone, but you know what it's like. Time is passing and so many friends to reconnect with. You can always find a bunch of excuses not to call someone.
Our meeting a few days back was just a coincidence meant to happen. We were stuck in traffic, but if we had come earlier we would have missed her. Thinking back it was a matter of seconds. Things really do happen for a reason!
After our visit to the dentist we drove her back to her newly opened local restaurant and had a quick chat and a cold drink.

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