Bye, bye Marianne

Marianne checks the email a last time.
Tomorrow she goes back home to Sweden.


Angel has discovered chewing bones. She is killing it methodically.
We tried to tie her outside the café while we were working, but this dog is just to clever. She chewed of the leash three times and then we gave up.


My darlings!

Status of the café

I wrap around the lamp cable with vintage sari fabric.Now it's starting to look cozy. I really like the lamps in contrast to the colorful fabrics.


My baby

Prana nail mat

Today we visited the Prana nail mat factory.
Marianne ordered a full size nail mat.

Our first meal

Our first meal in the café after a very long day.
Now it's a lot of fun things to do. Bedspreads on the sofas, lots of cushions, old saris on the walls and art in our gallery.



Someone told us the floor was ready. Does it look ready to you?I called one of our partners and then things happened very quickly.Angel, Leya and I are waiting for the floor-glue-guy. Nicholas gave up and went home.


We've just picked up Angel in the University area, in the north of Delhi.When we came home she was so tired.Off to school!



Nicholas is baking bread with a borrowed oven in kiddie size, but the dried yeast isn't working his way.


Beautiful silk bedspreads

Leya is working

The café floor

We heard a rumour on the bazar that they've started laying the floor, but the floor wasn't even in the café!
It's on the way though and they will start the work tomorrow.



Today we went to the exhibition of Harpreet Singh at Lalit Kala Academy, Delhi.
Besides looking at his personal art we had a mission with our visit.
Our vision is to give the children here in Pahar Ganj the possiblity to express themselves through creativity and hopefully Harpreet will help us.
The community has accepted us with open arms and we want to give something back.Read more about Harpreet here.


On sunday we will pick up our new family member.



Yesterday we were invited to a wedding the same evening and of course we accepted.
We arrived at 10 PM and there were about 2000 guests at the wedding.
The groom is placed in the far end where the lights are.The brides cousin and her husband dressed in a fab pink suite.The groom, with the turban, surrounded by friends and family.The bride was placed in a small room upstairs. She looked sad as the tradition requires.
We left before her family started to cry.



Today we bought wooden-look-alike vinyl floor for the café.


Today the rain is pouring down.
I miss my rubber boots!


Happy Valentine to my friends all over the world!

ASK International Models

Today Leya meet ASK Internationel Model in Delhi. Very exciting!
Read more about the agency here.


Swedish Chocolate balls

Baked Swedish Chocolate balls for the first time with Indian ingredients.
Delicious, but not perfect. I have to make more.



What is the point with this sign?


Beautiful, handmade bedspread and beautiful, Indian women.

Update from yesterday

The electrician is putting up the sconces in the café.The finishing touch on the walls.What color is this? We asked for white walls and got purple.
Typical Indian! "Same same but different". That can drive a Swede insane!



Today we went and saw the movie Alpha and Omega and it was full of action.
I love 3D!


Cottage Ganga Inn

Now Nicholas has finished the Cottage Ganga Inn website.
Click here: Budget hotel Delhi.


Today they finally started to paint the walls in the café.


Since I woke up with a fever yesterday we'll see the movie another day.

Sarojini market

These nice photos from Sarojini market was taken with Alex' camera the day before the went back to Sweden.


Alpha and Omega

Tomorrow we are going to see the 3D-movie Alpha and Omega with Wanja, Leya's friend and Jawaid, Leya's Indian grandpa.

Chess again

Leya's second chess lesson. She is really in to it.

Electronic things

Nicholas in an electronic shop.
We need a lot of things to the café. A toaster, hotplates, blender etc.We bought a hotplate to our flat and Nicholas was so happy!Leya and Nicholas are using the hotplate for the first time melting butter for the Swedish waffle dinner.


We went to Old Delhi to buy lamps for the café.This man is checking each glass lamp. Two out of seven was broken.Finally we decided to buy this sconce, a neutral design.Then we found this cool ceiling lamp.
This white lamp will be a great contrast to all the colors in the café.

Lengha choli

Nicholas is searching for lengha cholis, a traditional Indian dress, for a Swedish customer.A beautiful lengha choli.