Today Nicholas painted our new bedroom.
Kale is not helping much, unless keeping company in a state of coma is considered a job.
Leya did some painting when she came home from school.


I've never seen so many umbrellas on a sunny day like here in Kathmandu.
Here in Nepal you can buy beautiful umbrellas.


New website

Check out our new website: Maya yarn Nepal.
Click here.



Yesterday our family started to shift the yarn stock to the first floor so we get one more room.
We need to move the kitchen inside before the monsoon starts in two weeks.
Our bedroom to be.
Angel and Kale are just naughty and are not helping at all.

Maya yarn

I got happy chills when I read Joan's blog.
The yarns have arrived to California and they are satisfied with our quality.
Read the blog here.

Fun Park

The other day we went to Fun Park and it was heaven for the kids.
Leya spotted this cute horse.
We passed the ghost house.
I think they have alive ghosts so we didn't enter.
Leya went on this carousel. The horse was very high and it rotated a bit too fast.
Dark cloud surrounded us, but we were lucky that day.
Leya really enjoyed Fun Park, so we will go again.


Leya and Eva are singing on the way home from school



At the moment we only live in one room, but we are still spending half of our lives searching for things.
How is it possible?

Oh, no!!

Yesterday I accidentally stepped on my laptop and the electrical cord was stuck between the screen and the keyboard.
I almost started crying when I saw the damaged screen.
When I woke up this morning I prayed it was a nightmare, but it was for real.
Nicholas found out that it's possible to buy a separate screen.

Political update

Please read my political update from yesterday.
Click here.



Swedes love to barbecue!
We only have a few months every year with warm weather, so we sit outside and eat as much as possible during the summer.
Here in Nepal the summer comes earlier and the weather is more stable.
The local welder has made us a barbecue and yesterday it was premiere.

Father and daughter blow fish, before Nicholas poured a whole bottle of nail polish remover over the charcoal.
The marinated chicken filets are grilling nicely.
This was the moment we had waited for, for so long. It was delicious!
Calle is a pure street dog and we have surprisingly noticed that he is a gourmet when it comes to food, but yesterday he ate everything that came in his way.


Family Shrestha

This morning I was woken up by a lot of voices from the neighbor house.
It was the family Shrestha's monthly meeting.
It sounds more mafia like than it is.
They are discussing loans and other things involving members of the Shrestha cast.
I took a paparazzi photo from our bathroom window.
It felt a little more exciting than walking around the corner on our terrace and click the photo.


Barbecue, or not ...

We had planned for our first barbecue evening, but unfortunately it started raining.
Calle managed to lay under, inside the grill somehow.
Funny little guy!


Ekstra Bladet

Last Monday a small plane crashed in the mountains and two Danish citizens miraculously survived.
Since I want to freelance I contacted the daily paper Ekstra Bladet in Denmark and they had already sent a journalist and a photographer.
We met them at the hotel and since they are going back home tomorrow they asked me to see if I can get more information.
My first assignment. So exciting!



The last week the creativity has been flowing around me and my crochet needle.
I made a table cloth of the silk like banana yarn and bracelets of the cool hemp yarn.

Morning gymnastics

The dog Calle has invented a new form of lazy morning gymnastics.
He is sort of stretching his leg on the stairs.

School girls

Here comes two happy school girls after yet another school day full of new songs and writing new words.


Hemp yarn

Yesterday I decided to try to make crochet with hemp yarn.
It was very difficult in the beginning, but when I got started I truly loved the crochet work.
It's surprisingly soft on the skin.
Love these cool barefoot sandals!


Strike, again ...

Today a lot of people are striking because the government hasn't presented the constitution yet. Or so the rumor says.
So the kids are home from school, again...


Yesterday I did a classic dog-leash-overturn.
Two dogs were chasing Angel and she ran behind my back at a speed of a lightning.
I fell so fast on my left side, that I had a super light near death experience.
Two young men were walking behind me and they helped me up.
Yesterday I felt OK, but today I can hardly breath.
I will move very slow today.


Maya yarn

Soon you can buy our Maya yarn multi colored silk and ribbon yarn at "Monarch Knitting and Quilts" in Pacific Grove, California, USA.
Visit Joan's website here.



Woke up this morning and thought everything was back to normal regarding Leya's school, but on the way to school we were told that all teachers were on strike.
So we just turned around, Leya shifted clothes and then we went to the coffee shop for a morning coffee, or Coke for me since I don't drink coffee.


Happy birthday Buddha!

Today it's Buddha's birthday and national holiday here in Nepal.
Lots and lots of people are going to the Buddhist temple close to our house.
Read more about the celebrations here. Scroll down to Nepal.
I've just finished reading the book "Buddha" written by Karen Armstrong and I can really recommend it.
This photo is from Buddha's, or Prince Siddhartha Gautama's, hometown, Lumbini, here in Nepal.



The day before 1:st of May we celebrate the spring in Sweden.
Here in Nepal it's full summer, but we like to eat good food and invite our Nepalese family to some culinary food experiences, so we had a small, unplanned party on our terrace.