Sun and lots of rain

Lucky Leya who got to take a swim in the pool before the rain, thunder and lightning began.

A cup of tea by the Fewa lake in Pokhara is a treat even on a cloudy day.



Yesterday I came home after a few hectic and fun days in Delhi.
Tomorrow we are going to Pokhara for a few days. We really need a few days holiday together.



Reached Delhi last night and today I've been to Kenari bazar taking lots and lots of photos, 466 exactly, of trims, feathers, crochet. You name it!
It is so hot here I could walk around with an IV and still get dehydrated.
I love India, but I'm glad we live in Nepal. The climate is so much better.


New baby

Yesterday Chanda didi, sister, gave birth to yet another baby girl in the family.


Tom the Crane

Click here to see a short film from my parents home.
Forward to 13.22 and you can see my parents house and the crane Tom who comes every year to visit on the terrace.


On Wednesday I'm going to Delhi for a few days to do some business.
I'm really looking forward to go back to our old neighborhood and meet old friends.
This photo is taken on Main Bazar road.



Yesterday Leya's school semester ended and the girls celebrated with an ice cream, like they do every day.
Leya and Eva has been going to different schools the last seven months, but now Eva is going to shift to Leya's school and they are both so happy about it.

Today we celebrated summer by inflating the pool and fill it with water.