In a few hours we are going to Katmandu in Nepal to extend our Visa.
Cross your fingers that everything is going smoothly!



There is an old three wheeler in the house shared hallway.
She cycles round, round laughing.


Yesterday we got Swedish visitors, Alex, Frida and Kicki.
Nicholas made a pasta dinner and I had bought different pasteries from Wengers for dessert.


Yesterday I tried to admit Leya to a public school here in Dwarka Mor, but after the 31:st of July you need permission from the government to admit your kid to school.
I went to the other side of Delhi to meet with the government people of education, but since we are here on tourist Visa they couldn't give us the required papers unless we got OK from External affairs.
Called External affairs on several different numbers, but they couldn't help us.
If we had admitted Leya before the 31:st of July they would admit her without any problems, but now we are stuck in the system.


Wooden horse

Anyone interested in buying a hand made, shabby chic wooden horse?


The new flat

Finally we arrived to our new flat in Dwarka Mor and everything was of course a mess.We invested in a second hand red, cool fridge.And an electric stove with oven. A must for a Swede. Hopefully Nicholas will make a lot of cinnamon buns.
Because the stove is standing on marble it is electrifying if we don't wear shoes or stand on a cloth.

Leya and Kalia

Leya and Gabi's baby Kalia, our last evening in the flat in Pahar Ganj.



When we went to the Anna Hazare meeting Leya ended up in the newspaper.



Gabi rescued this little baby Kalia from Friendicoes animal center a few weeks ago.
He is so tiny, but Gabi is his mom now and when he is not eating she is making him a smorgasbord.
But she never invites us to these feasts.
I mean. Smorgasbord is Swedish, yar.



Soon it's Christmas!

Hood shawl

Love this hood shawl. Both practical and nicely designed.



In the beginning of October the Visa expires again. This time we are going to Katmandu in Nepal. Exciting!
But they only extend it for three months, so we have to go Sweden over Christmas.
I hope we can afford it.


Water colours

Leya is doing water colour painting and she loves it!To mummy!

Wood block prints

Today we went to the old man's wood block warehouse.
You can buy wood blocks on Gabi's website here.



Gabi was like a kid in the candy store in the bead shop at Turkman gate.

Dog leashes

One of the animal shops at Connaugh Place are selling my recycled dog leashes.
I hope the customers like them.


New flat

In two weeks we have to leave our flat, so we have decided to move to Dwarka Mor, about 35 minutes with the metro from where we live now.
We really liked this flat, but it needs some painting.Here we have a possibility to make a outdoor space. Something we have missed.


Photo shoot

Yesterday Leya had a photo shoot all day long.
The kids were so great!
The label and the clothes are a secret until the end of October.


Photot shoot

Tomorrow Leya are going to shoot winter jackets for a kids catalog.


Swedish newspaper

A Swedish newspaper are going to write about our life in India compared to Sweden, so we sent them this photo of our family.


Went to the Mexican buffet restaurant Rodeo at A block at Connaugh Place and we just loved, loved it!


Anna Hazare

The other day Leya and I went to the area where Anna Hazare was hunger striking against the corruption in India.
Anna is a simple man without family prepared to die for the cause, 74 years old and has worked as a social worker.
Leya and I dressed upp in the colours of India, green, orange and white and we got a lot of attention since we seemed to be the only foreigners there.
Hundreds of people took our photo and Leya even ended up in the newspaper.
I was interviewed by a TV channel and it felt important to be there and give him our support.
The bill is now accepted, if I'm not misinformed, but I'm skeptic.
The importance with this bill is that even the premiere minister and his entourage can face charges if they are bribed, but we just have to wait and see.

Greed is the one of the sins that is going to ruin the human life.