We love purple!

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Crazy dance

Leya and I are crazy dancing on the terrace.
It's scheduled power break so it's pitch black.
I'm glad no one can see us, but unfortunately they can hear us.


Why white?

Who decided that the sports uniform should be white?
Well, it wasn't a woman. That's for sure.
Lucky the fabric is easy to wash, since I have to wash it every day.
Tie and belt in order.

Small frogs

This baby girl is staying with her mom all day in the little shop and to cheer her up Leya and I use to sing a Swedish song to her.
The song is called "Small frogs" and she loves it.


Sunday evening

Saturday evening and it feels like Sunday evening since the new school week starts tomorrow. I suppose it will take some time to get used to.


Knitted flower pot

Some knitting and an ugly yoghurt pot is transformed to a cute flower pot.

School uniform

First day with school uniform, only tie and belt missing. Leya was so excited. It felt like it was Christmas when she put on the uniform this morning. We happened to put on the wrong one. It was the sports uniform today, but it's the first week so the school is gentle with us parents.



Our Swedish cat, Bosse, left the earth today and we wish him a pleasant stay in heaven.

Dolly Kei

Dolly Kei is another exciting Japanese street fashion.
Think antique doll and read more about the style here.
See more pictures here.



Leya and Eva on the way to school for the first school day.


Mori girl

Started searching on Japanese street fashion and it's very fascinating.
All the details, from hairbands and necklaces, to brooches and shoes, is well put together.
I start with Mori girl - girl from forest.
Read about Mori girl here.
See more photos here.


Happy Nepalese New Year 2069!

Prayer flags

Our neighbours are putting up Buddhist prayer flags in the trees next to the stream.


Bottle bag

I've knitted a summery bottle bag of banana leaf and silk yarn.

New Year

On Friday we are going on a family picnic with good food, dance and music to celebrate the Nepalese New Year, 2069.
If I have understood it correctly the new year starts tomorrow at 12 pm, but we are celebrating the day after.
It's great to have two New Years!



At 2 o'clock last night we had a storm with heavy rain, thunder and lightning.
It felt like we were in a horror movie, when we tried to close the door that had blown open in the storm.
There was water flowing in under the door and the thunder was so close that the building was shaking.
Exactly 20 minutes later the storm went away and we could go back to sleep.


Easter celebration

Yesterday we had an Easter party at our roof top terrace. It was mostly a kids party and they loved it.
For more pictures click here.


Happy Easter!

Leya has been out in the neighborhood giving Easter cards and spreading Happy Easter to people we met.


Thunder and rain

Today we've had thunder and rain all day.
It's good, we need rain.
Rain is giving more water and water is power, so much rain means less power breaks for us.


Beautiful bridal henna

See more pictures here.

New computer

With financial help from my parents, Nicholas has bought a new computer.
Sorry to say the computer is freezing now and then, so he is not completely happy.

Calle and Angel

The house dog Calle and Angel are friends now.
I think Calle is in love with Angel since he is taking care of her when she is outside running.