Parvati Valley

After we closed the cafe we decided to take a vacation in the mountains and that was a very bad decision.
Rain, cold and hours and hours of power breaks.
For a few days we tried to stay at a guesthouse in the mountain village Kalga, but that was too much for us city people.
I managed to snap this photo during two minutes of sun shine.Then we stayed a few days in Kasol, since the road was closed because big rocks had fallen on the only road there.
But Leya and I did some nice shopping and ate good food so it was OK.It was actually a disaster vacation and it got even worse when Leya poured half a bottle of water in to my laptop, so it died forever.


The cafe

Sorry for my long silence, but I had to work with myself and my energy after the owner of Cottage Ganga Inn forced us to close the cafe.

Almost a month a go Nick had a group of French women, traveling with a travel agency staying at the hotel, that wanted to spend the last night before going home in our cafe.

Before we had served beer a few times and always ordered via the manager in the reception, but this time Nick bough some beer of his own and that was a huge problem that we never thought would end in closing the cafe.

When we ordered beer from the reception the manager put the whole profit in the his own pocket, but this time he didn't get a rupee.

The manager of the hotel told the owner of the hotel to close the cafe and so he did. Because of this! And the irony was that almost no one drank beer since the flight was leaving so early.

We were told to close the cafe on the spot and we and our guests were in complete shock.

Now I've seen the ugliest side of greed and from being in shock and sad, I'm so angry. So, so angry. We put our heart and soul in to this cafe and our guests loved it.

Jealousy and greed forced us to close and nowadays I call myself a warrior against greed.

I've found my place in the world and my naive eyes have been opened and I can never go back.


I'm sorry

I'm so sorry for my abrupt silence. I had to recover and think for a few weeks before I felt prepared to continue my blogging.

No worries. We are all fine, still in India and still married.
I will start telling about the last months journey tomorrow.