Three dogs sleeping close together to keep warm.

Shopping breaks

Resting a few minutes with some hot tea and good company.It's been raining here for a few days now and the air is headache heavy.
A fresh pressed orange juice gave us some extra energy.

Shopping for the café

Our patchwork guest book.Papier maché and mirror coasters.Beautiful and a bit different lanterns for the tables.


Our bathroom and Cottage Ganga In

There is a leak in the house so they started to demolish our bathroom today.We are travelling light as always. Not!
We left all our blankets for laundry since we are staying at the hotel, we cooperate with, for a few days.Heaven! A soft bed, big enough for at least five persons.
At home we sleep on mattresses on the floor so this is luxury for us.


The opening of the café

The opening is postponed. I'm not surprised, but very disappointed.
I want the grand opening to be well organized and a big event with lots of guests, so what to do.


Vintage sari covers

Today I left the second hand sofa cushions to Master ji, so he can make new covers in beautiful vintage sari fabric.

Birthday party

Birthday party for a 1 year old.Sajeev, our nail mat supplier, baby Denzil and Sajeev's wife.Cute Denzil and I.


Finally bought some vintage sofas for a bargain.The sofas were delivered today and they placed them in the café that is so dusty that you hardly can see them.
Why put them there? Of course we moved them as soon as we got there.

Christmas buffé

The Christmas Day we spent at this restaurant at Connaught Place.Fantastic food!The best of all was that we didn't have to pay for the buffé.
We were in chock, it was like in a movie, but we think Leya charmed the owner when she said he looked like a prince.


Christmas presents

Leya got presents from her granma in Stockholm.Leya got a Hanuman, the monkey hindu God, and he became her new baby.


In think this is the most ugly Santa in India, but he was nice.

Christmas buffé

Our Christmas buffé. We managed to find some of the things we are used to, but I sure miss my mothers special made herring.Nicholas and Leya enjoyed the dinner.

Christmas play

They had a Christmas play in school.Leya is a happy angel singing Jingle Bells.
But no parents were allowed because the school is too small.


Christmas tree

Our Christmas tree. My first in plastic.
At home in Sweden my father use to go out in the forest and catch a real one.

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to my friends all over the world.


Master ji

Late this evening we visited Master ji, our favourite tailor, and his family.Master ji's daughter Pooja and Leya are playing a computer game. Leya is laughing!They gave Leya two trendy tunics and bangles. Very nice people!

Vintage saris

Today we went to a vintage sari family house.
We'll have beautiful saris hanging on the walls in the café and on the sofa sitting cushions.
Indian saris are a treasure and I love the vintage saris, full of energies from other women.
You can feel their faith, hope and love!

Christmas at Sam's

Today they Christmas decorated Sam's restaurant and they went completely crazy with the cotton snow.



We've finally found a cheese company. Looking forward to taste Indian made Gouda, Feta and Parmesan.
I love cheese!


The electrician is working on the last cables now.
Soon time for painting the walls.


Emma Sabel

During the grand opening of Leya's Café we will show my dear cousin, Emma Sabel's photo serie dedicated to John Lennon, who was killed 30 years ago and to the eternal hope for world peace.
The photos shows Emma's nephews Kewin and Milton.

Save a dog

Saturday we went to rescue a dog I saw a few days ago with a cyst, big as a football, hanging under her stomach.
I contacted a rescue center and they came in the morning to pick the dog up.
We found a man that knows abot the dog, but she didn't show up.
We left him a rope and he promised to call when she was caught.He called yesterday morning. He couldn't catch her since she was biting wildely.
I hope the rescue center has an idea how we can proceed and rescue this dog.


Street chai

This is a classic masala tea pan. The tea is cooked in milk, so he has to stir it so it won't get burned.

The roof

Now they have started to work on the fans in the roof.
We are finally seeing some results.



Leya got lice again. I hate them!


Pile of rubble

Today the opening of the café seems far, far away.

Nicholas birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Nicholas birthday at our favourite restaurant.
We gave him socks and underwear, (it's so boring to shop to men), and a green and white cake.
The same colors as his home football team Hammarby.



This is a Hello! to you all freezing in the snow.
We are drinking umbrella apple drinks. Yummi!



The water is done and the hole in the floor for the drain is almost ready. Maybe they had a Red Bull!Nicholas and the electrician. Who looks the most confused?
Nicholas comment when he saw this photo was that the electrician was very short.
Well Honey! FYI, you are very tall!I've put a poster outside the café-to-be, to create some curiosity.
I circled the 31:st of December for the Grand Opening. I think we all need some pressure to make this happen in reasonable time.
The elephant God Ganesh on the poster, will help us during the process.


Now Leya is so comfortable in school that she sits in the class room with her friends.



We went to Bangla food and tasted some pastries to get inspiration.
Tough job!

Dilmah tea

Today we met the Dilmah tea man in Delhi, Vanshi.
Dilmah tea is the best tea in the world!
Now we are going to taste the pure luxury tea grown above 3600 meters in Sri Lanka.

Five hours later


This cute doggy has a hand made crochet vest.
I'm glad someone cares for her enough to dress her for the cold winter.

Hole in the wall

The work with the electricity has started.
Between these two very slow working men you can see the first hole in the wall.