An auspicious Buddhist puja in our house

Yesterday we had a new loud experience in our house.
We have new neighbors downstairs and they are a Buddhist Sherpa family who we have met before, when they had a local restaurant.
We thought the puja was for them moving in, but apparently it was their annual auspicious puja.
We were kind of relived to hear that it was just for one day.
We were fortunate to arrive when the action started.
I have no clue what everything is for, but I use my imagination.
Watch a clip from the puja here.
When we had picked up Leya from school, still no petrol for the school van because of the blockage at the border, we had a cup of Nepali tea and got quite a show from their adorable little girl Kanchan.
Watch it here.
Everyone in this country stands in a cool pose when you take a photo of them, even a 2 year old girl. Haha!


  1. Hej! Tur att pujan bara var en dag. Vilken liten sötnos grannens tjej är!

  2. Ja, herre gud! Buddhister är minsann lika högljudda med sina trumpeter och sitt bankande som Hinduer.
    Får se om det blir en Sherpa-middag ikväll.